Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3rd Place in the McHappy Day fun run 2011

Didn't expect to win really. My brother just decided to sign me up for this race since he wanted to join as well. We both signed up for 5K. I convinced him to start running a few months back since he'd gained weight from eating a lot of hotel food and whatnot while he was still employed at Resorts World Manila.

I think all that bone-breaking, breath-stealing muay thai training paid off. To say that the McKinley Hill race course is rolling would be an understatement. It was a killer. Just a few more degrees and we'd be climbing a perpendicular wall. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but yeah it was pretty tough. But I think I handled it pretty well. I didn't see those stars you see when you're almost out of oxygen. Usually happens to me in a race, but this time it didn't. I loved the weather, cool not cold. The air felt a crisp and slightly dewy. I warmed up alone along Campus Drive, where it was quiet. I studied Enderun College and its castle like structure. I was in a dreamy state (slightly because of the fact that my excited brother woke me up at 3:30am when I'd set my alarm for 5am pa) O_O

Anyway fast-forward to the race. It was organized really well. Route was blocked properly for the safety of the runners. Clear signages. Ample drinking stations (not that you need many of those for the distance I joined). Luckily, both my brother and I made it through. He was boasting about how he didn't even get tired and didn't need to walk throughout the race. Looks like those daily runs worked.

Oh, and I even went home with a 3rd place medal. Not bad, eh?

My Medal...a big shoe, hmmm

Lots of freebies. Gotta love em!
I wish they'd post the photos already so I can post them here as well. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Up: Grasslimb Journal

Received an acceptance letter from the EIC of Grasslimb Journal on Saturday, for my poem "The Train Comes." Out of a suite of 5 poems only one made it through the editorial fire. Thank God this one made it. Here's how the letter went:

Dear Anne,

It's my great pleasure to accept

The Train Comes

for Grasslimb volume 10 number 1, due out in January, 2012.

We can offer $10 for this work; a check will be sent shortly, your
payment on acceptance.  We can also offer payment via PayPal if this is
preferred -- please let me know as soon as possible if so.  Your two
contributor's copies will be forwarded after the printing.

We purchase first serial print publication rights; you retain all other

Thank you for submitting to Grasslimb!  Your work will enhance our


Valerie Polichar
Editor, Grasslimb

Can't wait to get my contrib copies!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

3rd Issue | 2011–2012: TAYO literary magazine

This'll be a very quick post since I got lots to do. Four of my poems are featured in TAYO literary magazine, and you might like to have a peek.These poems are: Along Edsa, Tin-ag, this is how light hits circumstance and Pilgrimage.

Thanks. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got my ALR Contributors copies

They arrived during the weekends and I'm able to blog about them just now. Cover is excellent. The copies came in a brown envelope with cute airmail stamps. Had I a cork board I'd have tacked the envelope there. :)

Good thing they sent 2 copies so I can give one to my close friend and fellow writer/poet, Denver Torres.
Autumn 2011 issue of the Asia Literary Review.

I still get a dreamy feeling when I look at this... Still somewhat unreal.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sore all over ever since I started muay thai training. I have several bruises too on my knees and shins. But for some reason, my mom is supportive of me! Interesting, considering she didn't like it when I was in the track team in college. Said I was getting too dark from the sun, plus I developed muscles in my legs, too, a no-no for girls.
Maybe it's because I don't get much sun in muay thai training, that's why she doesn't mind. She also likes the idea that I'm learning self defense.

As for me, I'm hoping to become good at this. I'm growing to really like this sport. I want to see if I can become good enough to compete one day. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Group Buying is the Sh**

I gotta admit, I was really hesitant about these group buying sites cropping up over the last few years. There's Ensogo, Groupon, Metrodeals and a host of startups that are getting into the field as well. The reasons why I was suspicious include the fact that they ask for your email add, and well, will include you in their e-blasts which tend to flood my inbox. I end up deleting the deals before even opening the emails or just unsubscribing. Another reason to be careful is that they ask for your credit card details.

But these days, I guess you could say I'm a convert. I bought a deal once for this resto called Spicy Tongue, and I got my coupon, and yes it was honored at the resto, which served superb Bicol Express, Laing, Dinuguan and Kinalas. With this good experience, I'm now excited to receive the e-blasts. There have been several interesting deals ranging from restaurant discounts, laser treatments, spa treatments, and waddya know?! A deal on learning mixed martial arts at the Muay Thai Association of the Philippines. It was kind of weird but hey, 60% off for 16 sessions? I just had to buy it. The gym is in Makati, and though it's far from where I live, it IS near where I work. So I plan to have a weekend session and one for weekdays, I'll just leave the office earlier. Can't wait to start classes since I only have 4 sessions left at my current gym.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Muay Thai-ing

I took up Muay Thai as my PE for a semester while I was in college. Back then I found it intriguing. I really wanted to learn more, but I didn't know where and how. Back then, I had just quit the track team due to financial constraints and didn't want to try out another sport until I was more stable. I mean, what was the use of starting something I couldn't pursue? Luckily, now that I have a relatively stable job and my own income, I now have to opportunity to enroll and learn Muay Thai.

I did some research and found out that it's an ancient martial art, the "Art of Eight Limbs". It was meant to train soldiers to use their feet, knees, elbows and fists (and head) as weapons in the event that they were caught unarmed during a battle or encounter. I'm really excited.

It's just been 4 sessions at this place called Balboa Gym, but I'm thinking this is something I can and should pursue. Being a runner, I guess I've built up a good base of stamina and leg strength. I still remember the basics I learned back then during PE class and have been able to apply them so far. What's giving me trouble are the combinations though hehe. But I do believe this will do wonders for my, erm, semi-existent hand-eye coordination. I'm still surprised at how I was able to play badminton for so many years given that I get confused easily with movements involving rhythm. Will see how it goes, got myself a pair of boxing gloves today as I didn't want to borrow those random gym gloves anymore (they kinda smelled funny). :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Poems Now Viewable at the Asia Literary Review

And they're out! Three Meals and Etiquette, two of my free verse poems, are now up at Volume 21, Autumn 2011: of the Asia Literary Review.

I can't wait to receive my compli copies of the magazine. I'll post a photo of them once I receive them via post. I was told the mag is available in "bookshops" but I bet I won't find them in the Philippines so I have to rely on the compli copies. The editor also mentioned I can have an audio stream of the pieces, not sure if I'll do one since I'm not that much of a performer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nick Joaquin Graphic Fiction Awards @ The Manila Hotel

Last time I was at the Manila Hotel, I was, I think 5, so no I don't really remember much. I arrived last night and was greeted by the cheesy sound of violins (I was hungry already). I was looking for my Iligan co-fellow, Michelle Tan, and since I couldn't find her in the lobby, I signed up first at the reception area of the Maynila Function Room, which looked like a mystic mix of arabian and bahay kubo design (whuuut?!)

But the place was really nice. The overhead dome made me feel like I was in a... harem? (whuut again?!)

Dome-chandelier with magical lights O_O

I gotta be honest, I was excited to eat hehe. :D Especially when I saw the dessert buffet, which I forgot to take pictures of. I tried all the appetizers (Tuna nicoise, vinegary corn and carrots, roast beef slices, salmon sashimi, etc) and skipped over to dessert. Who needs a main course when you've got lots of cake and chocolate?

Anywho the point of the event is to award the best of the best. This year's winners are *drum roll* (Oh and hooray for my IYAS co-fellow Shane!) Congrats to everyone:

L-R (Photo c/o Sir Krip Yuson): EIC Joel Pablo Salud; 1st Prize winner Thomas David Chavez, 3rd Prize winner Alex Almario, and 2nd Prize Winner Shane Carreon (of the Dumaguete National Writers Workshop 2011)

Aside from the winners, Ms. Gilda Cordero Fernando also received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Simply Amazing!

Sayang I couldn't stay to chat with the other writers, I had lots of stuff to do pa kasi hu hu hu.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under the Storm Book Launch @ the Ayala Museum

I got there quite late. It was supposed to start at 6PM. Cocktails would be served, we were told. But I didn't get there on time LOL. I had to finish lots of tasks at work and almost didn't manage to escape. I guess that's what I don't like about working in McKinley Hill. There's a limited choice of public transpo. Since I needed to get to Makati, I had to endure the long lines at the taxi stand.

Anyhow when I got there, the bands were already performing, and I think that people were just taking their leave, or out to get dinner. Good thing I still got to catch a couple of writer friends, like Alyza and Jordan:
Jordan Carnice and Alyza Taguilaso
A close friend I met at the Iligan workshop, Denver, visited Manila for this event and I'm glad we got to hang out, along with Miro (co-fellow at the 49th Silliman workshop). However, we decided to leave the scene soon after and eat at Mary Grace since we were starving. I do wish I got to socialize with the other writers more, however, the seating arrangement at the Museum didn't really allow for it much.

It's a pleasant yet inexplicable feeling to finally get a hold of the real book where so many poets have been pooled together in the name of art.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almond Cakes woohoo!

Everyone who knows me well enough know I'm crazy about cookies. Keebler Soft Batch cookies holds first place in my cookie monster heart, and will probably not be dethroned any time soon. After all, I attach lots of childhood memories to it, serving it as the pizza beside platefuls of grass spaghetti when I had make-believe tea parties (with, take note, my all-boy group of friends).

Other notable cookies are Oreos. I won't forget those dunkin' days, even if they don't taste as good anymore. Mrs. Fields also bakes great munchies. Love the ones with whole M&Ms sticking out from the cookies (can't remember what they're called). Other faves are Fibisco Choco Mallows and Hi-Ro cookies.

But I guess I'm still an Asian at heart because I'm totally crazy over those almond cookies / cakes from Macau. They're crumby and absorbs all the moisture from your mouth, but I love them. When we went to Macau, we bought the ones from Pastileria de Koi Kei, which also sells superb egg rolls and almond pastries (though kinda pricey). This time, some relatives returned and brought me pasalubong. They got me the ones from Choi Heong Yuen Bakery. Time to munch away! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rain check

I wanted to do so much today, like run, go look for a new phone, shop for a dress or a new pair of shoes...but the rain ruined everything. Well, anyway, this gives me reason to stay in and play Sims Social! I'm so addicted to this game. I keep collecting random items like cheese, fruits, rulers, etc. so I can build a better home. Can't stop obsessing over how I can design my house so that it'll look great. Is this bad? Who knows, I just tell myself I'm  simulating my dream home via cyberspace. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

RUNRIO Trilogy Leg 2: RUN UNITED 2

This was really an unplanned race. Lately, I'd been sleeping late and missing lots of training days to catch up on sleep. But I signed up for the 10K distance anyway. I was thinking I could walk if I couldn't take it anymore. I could take it easy. Didn't have to be in competitive mode. Although knowing how I am, I kind of foresaw that I would still go all out.

And I did (kinda) go all out this morning. Or at least I tried. I didn't feel like I was in tip top form, but the energy of the 4,000 other 10K races gathered at the starting line seeped into me. I got psyched up by default. The gun start for 10K had to be cut up in three waves due to the overwhelming number of runners who joined. Start was slow. We just marched along until we reached the big Start arc. Had to do a lot of weaving left and right to avoid bumping into someone. I was so thirsty just five minutes after crossing the starting line due to the heat of being in the crowd earlier.

My watch acted weird so I have no idea what my finish time is. I think I pressed some wrong buttons, sheesh. I may have crossed the finish line at around 57 mins. (Asa!!!). Bonifacio High Street really has a way of making you hate its numerous uphill climbs. I bonked 1K away from the finish line, but I didn't walk. I was too near the end to stop.

After the race, I didn't stay behind anymore to check out all the sponsor booths because I knew there'd be really long lines, given that a total of 16,000 runners joined. I just got the basic Unilab goody bag and a copy of Women's Health mag. Official results aren't out yet. Let's see how RunRio's new reusable time chip fares.

Look at all those goodies! I got 1 Unilab water bottle, 1 Women's Health mag, 1 The Bull Runner mag, 1 box Athena milk, 1 Viva water, 1 Powerade (not there drank it up already), 1 Tuna Meatloaf, 1 Allerta tablet, 1 Allerta syrup, 1 Medicol, 1 Alaxan FR, 1 pH Care, 1 box CarbTrim, 1 box, Enervon Prime, Equal samples, 1 Kaspersky visor, Chubby the Bear isn't a freebie I just thought it'll look cute in the pic :)

Pervasive Connectivity? Or Pervasive Separation?

I'm writing this while playing The Sims Social on Facebook, because I remembered a very interesting and, I believe, very relevant topic covered during the 5th IMMAP Summit. Barney Loehnis, Chairman, MMA, APAC, and Digital Lead of Ogilvy gave the conference's second keynote address: The Dilemma of Pervasive Connectivity. He described this situation as "exhausting." We are always on--through our phones, laptops, and other gadgets. And yet, we still find ourselves wanting and restless. I've heard many friends complain about how they feel so alone; I myself get this feeling at times when I think I shouldn't be feeling that way (like when I'm chatting my heart out, hanging out with friends or when I'm in a family reunion). All this loneliness for reasons we can't quite pinpoint. Or can we?

I was thinking, the dilemma may not be so much about the ubiquitous technologies that supposedly keep us connected (sometimes to the point of violating our sense of personal space) but how this situation makes our separation more glaring than ever. Not to discount the value of social networks in helping us keep in touch with our friends, just that there are times when I wonder how these platforms have affected the way we communicate with each other. The Sims Social, a perfect example of how I am connected, yet alone. A number of my virtual neighbors are acquaintances and former classmates I haven't talked to for years. Now we're interacting again, or at least our sims are. But will this improve our rapport in the real world? I honestly don't know, what I do know is we probably still won't be seeing much of each other any time soon (so I can start a cat fight if I want and not worry about getting in trouble hehe). Furthermore, these days, I noticed how many people would rather chat than make actual calls, thereby limiting vocal cues, not to mention nonverbal ones. The same is true with texting. It's so much easier to chat and text because we can take our sweet time responding and crafting what we want to say. Or, we can just not respond at all, and maybe just make an excuse about never receiving the other's message.

And then the opportunity for face-to-face interaction arrives. It has happened often enough that I find myself unable to say much, maybe I'll just fidget, or mumble an awkward word or two. The other person is often just as awkward. We end up wanting to end the interaction as soon as possible. The "hey I gotta go" becomes the best part of that brief contact. Makes me wonder if the person I had been having such lively chats with is actually the same person in front of me. Do we develop some sort of cyber-schizophrenia, that our online personalities develop separately from our real-world selves? Is the "unconnected" self unable to catch up with the social growth of the online self?

I've read an article from Psychology Today that persons who create good-looking avatars tend to carry over their "online confidence" in the real world. Given that, then there shouldn't be much disparity in online-offline personalities. However, this study was done around three years back. The game might have changed, who knows. I think I will be reading up on this a bit more in the next few days. It's something I feel is worth looking into (maybe I can even do a study on it for when I take my masters next year).

Oh wow is that me and Joselle and Des? I bet they'll kill me when they see this :p

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting used to things

New job. New place. New people.
Have proven to be good for me (of course the question is, will I be good for them? :D)

It's been late-nighters for the last two weeks. I might be a newbie, but that doesn't spare me from the rigors of the ad industry. When they said it's tough, they weren't kidding. By they, I mean my former office mates at Resorts World Manila, who've had experience working in an ad agency.

Funny thing is, I'm busy. Yet I'm productive in that other side of life that isn't work related. I feel like chasing my dreams again. I want to write. Everyday.

And I do. I've got lots of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I just need to polish them. The next challenge I want to take is to apply form to my poems. A friend challenged me today to try the Villanelle, but well I ended up with a pile of mumbo jumbo. I'll go try the haiku first, then common measure, then maybe the sonnet. Just to get the hang of working with (or around) constraints.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Upcoming Appearance: The Asia Literary Review

This is a dream. This is dream...

As a writer, I get rejected a lot. I submit my work, and dread getting that return email. In my inbox, the message's first few words would be previewed. When the message starts with something like "Thank you for your submission," I already know that the next line (once I do click open the message), would be "We regret to inform you that we will not be publishing your work blah blah". That's the rejection form letter.

That was how I felt when I saw the Asia Literary Review's email. I read the previewed "Thank you..." and my  mind was automatically resigned to the fate of the poems I submitted on December 2010 (yeah, it was that long ago). But I was wrong. It was an acceptance letter for two poems, "Three Meals" and "Etiquette."

Poetry editor Martin Alexander mentioned "I very much enjoyed reading your work..." and I was extremely thankful and humbled that the pieces would be that much appreciated. I was like, so dreams do come true. Because when I was writing more fiction, I kind of didn't expect anymore, with the heaps of rejection letters I kept getting.

I have many many people to thank for these recent successes. The fellows and panelists of the 18th Iligan National Writers Workshop, 49th Silliman University National Writers Workshop, 10th Iyas Creative Writing Workshop, 9th Ateneo National Writers Workshop. I had little access to poetry because I was all sci-fi and fantasy, but through these workshops, I learned about stuff like line cuts and objective correlatives.

I still can't believe it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

List of accepted poems and official book cover: Under The Storm

Reposting this more complete list for Under The Storm: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry (Book cover below).

Edited by Khavn De La Cruz and Joel M. Toledo:

Book Design: Piya Constantino

Cover Art: W Don Flores
"Reported Incidents, 9/27/09 to 9/29/09 2"
Acrylic on canvas
24 in. x 32 in.

  1. Anne Carly Abad: December 18, 2008
  2. Diego José Abad: The Unfaithful Men
  3. Gémino H. Abad: THAT SPACE OF WRITING
  4. Anina G. Abola: In Place Of Emotion
  5. Jose Marte Abueg: I, Pontius
  6. Ericson Acosta: Ika-anim na Sundang: GABUD [Sixth Knife: WHETSTONE]
  7. Arbeen Acuña: eraserase002
  8. Jim Pascual Agustin: Sea Fireflies Of Mindoro
  9. Arnold O. Aldaba: Fruit Of Knowledge
  10. Kislap Alitaptap: Wala Na Sa Quiapo Ang Nazareno [The Nazarene is not in Quiapo]
  11. Rio Alma: Seaman
  12. Jovsky Almero: Train Dodge
  13. Tofi Alonte: SHOES
  14. Donato Mejia Alvarez: Apat Na Larawan Mula Sa Tagaytay Ridge [A Short Quartet From Tagaytay Ridge]
  15. Panch Alvarez: Pointing According To Heraldina
  16. Angelo B. Ancheta: BIR-IT, JAN-NY!
  17. Mark Angeles: F/LIGHT
  18. Rebecca T. Añonuevo: Anumang Leksiyon [Whatever Abides]
  19. Roberto T. Añonuevo: Dalawampung Minuto [Twenty Minutes]
  20. Teo T. Antonio: Sa Dulo Ng Malay [At the Edge of Waking]
  21. Lystra Aranal: Hands Down
  22. Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles: EROS
  23. Cesar Ruiz Aquino: THREE VARIATIONS
  24. A.M. Azada: The Lion
  25. Mads Bajarias: Entropy & The Shrike
  26. Desiree L. Balota: manoy
  27. Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr.: LABERINTO [LABYRINTHE]
  28. Joi Barrios: Mga Tala Sa Isang Pagpatay [Notes On A Political Execution]
  29. Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor: Futura
  31. Dave Buenviaje: Because Pandesal is never the same in another country
  32. Regine Cabato: Touch Me Not
  33. Jose Wendell P. Capili: Carnivalesque
  34. Ronan B. Capinding: Pagdidilig
  35. Ronaldo Carcamo: Ha-ha-ha
  36. F. Jordan Carnice: Stones
  37. Lito Casaje: Tsunami Blues
  38. Ian Rosales Casocot: The Smallness Of The Everyday
  39. Marella Castro: Hinatak Sa Kahulugan [A Catch Of The Infinite Pull]
  40. Jose Jason L. Chancoco: Barber Shop Brainstorming
  41. Ayrie Ching: Learning Curve
  42. Frank Cimatu: THE YOYO ROUTINE
  43. Mikael de Lara Co: Kundiman
  44. Kristian Sendon Cordero: Stabat Mater
  45. Michael M. Coroza: MAGNANAKAW [THIEF]
  46. Keith Cortez: The Current
  47. Lope Cui, Jr.: Multiple Choice
  48. Dakila Cutab: P'wera Contra
  49. Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.: Bound For Saudi
  50. Ramon Damasing: On the Feminine
  51. Carlomar Daoana: Brutalism
  52. Mes De Guzman: Ang Katiwala [The Caretaker]
  53. Ainne Frances dela Cruz: Speed
  54. Christa I. De La Cruz: After Impeng Negro
  55. Khavn De La Cruz: ang dalawa ang puso [the twice-hearted]
  56. Noelle Leslie dela Cruz: Absence Muse
  57. Nikki De Los Santos: aporia
  58. Karl R. De Mesa: Preparations For History
  59. Iñigo de Paula: Paramdam
  60. Ricardo M. de Ungria: The Ambivalence Of Staying A Tree
  61. Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra: SUPREMACY OF THE TEXT
  62. Noel del Prado: Rebolusyon [Revolution]
  63. A Despi: Social Blowtorching Transcends Scab Worship
  64. Glenn Diaz: Definition Of respite
  65. Lav Diaz: IN MEMORIAM
  66. Alain Russ Dimzon: Tinkling
  67. Jan Brandon Dollente: The What
  68. Jacob Walse-Dominguez: folding boxes
  69. Simeon Dumdum Jr.: The Last Rain of Summer
  70. Marjorie Evasco: In Baclayon, Reading Levertov's For those whom the Gods love less
  71. Israfel Fagela: Siberia
  72. Bendix M. Fernandez: english lyrics to a japanese seduction
  73. Boni Fojas-Almirante: Erotica
  74. Luis H. Francia: SMOOCH KING
  75. Marc Escalona Gaba: Blinds
  76. Eric Gamalinda: Hydrazine
  77. J. Neil Garcia: Coda
  78. German Villanueva Gervacio: Procorpio's Night
  79. Lolito Go: What Else
  80. Eva B. Gubat: Blind Date
  81. Ramil Digal Gulle:
  82. Asterio Enrico Gutierrez: Death Poem Exercise 64
  83. Luisa A. Igloria: What I Don't Tell My Children about My Hometown
  84. Neal Imperial: Tandang Sora
  85. Marne L. Kilates: Morion
  86. Phillip Yerro Kimpo: How The Americans Liberated Northern Luzon, 1945
  87. Jeanilyn Kwan: The Revolution Will Be Printed, Not Televised
  88. Jose F. Lacaba: Tagubilin At Habilin [Will and Testament]
  89. Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta: Tampuhan
  90. Marra PL. Lanot: Ina [Mother]
  91. Christine V. Lao: What Ol' Injun told the carnies
  92. Gian Lao: Here, at your grave
  93. Elaine Lazaro: O
  94. John Francis C. Losaria: NPA mula sa Tatlong Daang Salita at Dalawang Pulgadang Pagitan [from Three Hundred Words and Two Inches in Between]
  95. Bienvenido Lumbera: Kartolinang Ibon [Craft-Paper Bird]
  96. Soleil Erika Manzano: Ganoon dumating ang balita— [How the news broke—]
  97. Carlo Angelo V. Marcelo: A Better Good Morning
  98. Edgar B. Maranan: The life and times of a seditious poet
  99. Luchie Maranan: Estranged
  100. Pia Montalban: Saleslady
  101. V.E. Carmelo D. Nadera Jr.: BALIMBING
  102. Joanna Nicolas-Na: On The Way To Market
  103. Homer B. Novicio: Dark Birds In Winged Chapel
  104. Emil Os: hyperlink
  105. Voltaire Q. Oyzon: Mag-aabroad inin akon mga buhok [My hairs will travel abroad]
  106. Doms Pagliawan: Philippine Eagle
  107. Don Pagusara: Alibangbang Sa Ulan [Butterflies In The Rain]
  108. R. Torres Pandan: Ars Poetica, As Actually Practiced
  109. Ned Parfan: Disturbances
  110. Allan Justo Pastrana: The Soul Of The Town
  111. Carlos M. Piocos III: Prehistoria
  112. Axel Pinpin: Nang Salakayin Mo Ang Aking Pananahimik [The Night You Assaulted My Deep Silence]
  113. Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.: Vers.
  114. Jun Cruz Reyes: Bunso [Lastborn]
  115. Fidel Rillo: Sa Ganang Akin Po Naman Ay Ito Lamang Ang Ipinamamanhik [Thus Do I Humbly Express Myself]
  116. Virgilio A. Rivas: Eternal Juju Recurrence
  117. Deedle Rodriguez-Tomlinson: Euston Road on an Autumn Afternoon
  118. Patrick Rosal: Despedida Ardiente
  119. Darylle Rubino: Today After Time Immemorial
  120. Roger B. Rueda: Carabaohood
  121. Jose Leonardo A. Sabilano: SpaMusic
  122. Joseph de Luna Saguid: CORRESPONDENT
  123. Joel Pablo Salud: Meandering
  124. Edgar Calabia Samar: Vocabulario
  125. Rafael Antonio C. San Diego: Poem About Nothing
  126. Benilda Santos: Púgot [Beheaded]
  127. Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, Jr.: Massacre
  128. Tanya Sevilla-Simon: Balikbayan Box
  129. Danny Castillones Sillada: Yang Pagtagád Kang Alyana [Waiting For Alyana]
  130. Bebang W. Siy: Ang Bisita [The Visitor]
  131. Bert Sulat Jr.: I Love Poetry
  132. amón C Sunico: HOW TO ENJOY A CONCERT: Mula sa Concert Notes ng Francisco Santiago Hall ng PCI Bank [From the concert notes of Francisco Santiago Hall of PCI Bank (now defunct)]
  133. Christian Tablazon: BLUEPRINT
  134. Alyza Taguilaso: Leviathan
  135. J.I.E. Teodoro: Banal na Buntis [Pregnant, Holy]
  136. Andrea B. Teran: Weight without gravity
  138. Ricky Torre: An Appointment, And Variation On Federico Alcuaz (or Monologue as Portraiture)
  139. Denver Ejem Torres: where my Barbie was safe, lest, if it came out in the open
  140. Charles Bonoan Tuvilla: Sa Panahon [On Seasons]
  141. Roberto Ofanda Umil: Ang Tiwalag [The Defected]
  142. RM Urquico: The Blues
  143. Czeriza Shennille Valencia: Every dawn you dig your own grave
  144. Eric Tinsay Valles: Independence Day In Hong Lim Park
  145. Joel Vega: NIMBUS
  146. Eliza Victoria: Crime Scenes
  147. Santiago Villafania: Rekindled
  148. Michael Carlo C. Villas: Vestibular
  149. Arlene J Yandug: I think therefore I Ant
  150. Alfred A. Yuson: The Ten Most Memorable Moments with D. Thus Far, & Why I Can't Let Her Go

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Upcoming Appearance: The Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

Great news upon opening my Gmail this morning. I received an acceptance letter from QLRS (the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore).

This is for my poem, "Daughter and I". I was merely told it will come out in their 'next' issue, and next one is this coming October 2011. So aside from a yet unspecified poem of mine coming out in the MOV anthology that is expected to be printed by September 2011, there is this. Maybe I should pinch myself, make sure this isn't a dream...

Thanks to God indeed for this blessing, and on a Monday morning, too! No reason to be blue! :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Give me a break with the 6's!

The other day I just posted that there's something eerie with the all the number 6's appearing these last few weeks. It started with my number of Facebook friends hitting 666. Then I checked my blog stats and got just as many 6's:

Oh but it doesn't end there. I checked my Yahoo inbox and guess what, more 6's:

I have decided to look into this, because I feel as if this sign doesn't want me to ignore it.

I searched possible meanings and got:

666, 6666 - Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world or due to mental or emotional imbalance. This sign indicates your thoughts are not clear and you should not continue with this train of thought. Let it pass.


666 - To see the digits 666 in your dream, represents the devil and all things evil. Its appearance in your dream may point to some illicit activity or some wrong doing.

I think the numerology interpretation is the more fitting one, if ever, because yes, there is a lot of instability going on right now, given that I just moved to a new workplace. Perhaps I need to settle in, that's all. Who knows?

Friday, July 22, 2011

This must be a sinister time

I decided to check on how my blog has been doing...and the results, oh the results. How very, let's just say, sinister. I believe everything happens for a reason. Simple events in our lives aren't mere coincidences. However, I'd rather not apply this belief to the vast amount of 6's my blog revealed today. It kinda looks like a scene in a horror movie, when something bad is about to happen. I got six pieces of 6's today so we can express that as 666 and 666. Of course I don't know anything about numerology, so this post is really just nonsense.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2011 Invite!

What does this mean?! 

That was the first thing that popped up in my head when I saw the subject line of the email. My goodness they sure can get a girl worked up. I read the email to find that it's an invite to the Awards night on September 22. I don't want to expect, but seeing the invite made me hope that I might have a chance. Argh! *pulls at hair*

 Whatever happens, I know I shouldn't let this affect my attitude toward writing. But it sure is hard to ignore...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Philippines Free Press Literary Awards

Now that I have some time in my hands, gonna post the results of this year's FP Literary Awards. Cool co-fellow in Dumaguete, Netty, made it big, with her 2 stories making it to the finalist list. But that's not all, because she also bagged 2nd Prize! Here's the finalist and winners list from FP literary editor Joel Toledo. Congratulations, everyone:

Winners for Fiction

Caroline Hau (First Prize, "Recuerdos De Patay")
Jenette Vizcocho (Second Prize, "When You See A Dog")
Michelangelo Samson (Third Prize, "Erscheinung")

Winners for Poetry

Luisa Igloria (First Prize, "Zeno's Paradox")
Timi Siytangco (Second Prize, "How to Kill a Whale Shark")
Drea Teran (Third Prize, "Weight Without Gravity")

Finalist list naman....

Erscheinung, Michelangelo Samson
After The Body Displaces Water, Daryll Jane Delgado
When You See A Dog, Jenette Vizcocho
Numb, Jenette Vizcocho
Recuerdos de Patay, Caroline Hau
Sweet, Marguerite de Leon
Spawn, Popi Laudico
Desert Winds, Jean Gerald Anuddin
A Study of Insects, Irene Carolina Sarmiento
Works Cited, U. Eliserio
Fade to Red, Twink Macaraig


Variations on the Expulsion from Eden, Eliza Victoria
The Painted Prince, Frank Penones Jr.
Duwende, Myrna Peña-Reyes
Love is How We Come Undone, Amado Bajarias
How to Kill a Whale Shark, Timi Siytangco
Warrior’s Wife (After Li Po), Ino Habana
Weight Without Gravity, Andrea Teran
The Widow, Upon Learning That Her Old Lover Had
Returned to the Island of San Antonio, Merlie Alunan
Zeno’s Paradox, Luisa A. Igloria
Weight of the World, Michellan Sarile-Alagao

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Under The Storm: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry

I couldn't post this immediately because when they posted the "Final" list of accepted contributors for the Wazak poetry anthology, they deleted the post on their Fan Page, "they" being MOV, the International Film, Music, & Literature Festival. From their website,
MOV was established in January 2002 by filmmaker Khavn De La Cruz. It is the Philippines’ first digital film festival, as well as the world’s only creative initiative that celebrates film, music, and literature exclusively.
Below is the real final list, I think, which I got from Alyza. The list is alphabetized, and I just happened to have lots of 'A's in my name O_o....I am truly humbled seeing the names here, almost like I don't belong, or I have a lot of shaping up to do. I'm certainly honored to be in this antho:
  1. Anne Carly Abad
  2. Diego Jose Abad
  3. Gemino Abad
  4. Anina Abola
  5. Jose Marte Abueg
  6. Ericson Acosta
  7. Arbeen Acuña
  8. Jim Pascual Agustin
  9. Arnold O. Aldaba
  10. Kislap Alitaptap
  11. Jovsky Almero
  12. Tofi Alonte
  13. Donato Mejia Alvarez
  14. Panch Alvarez
  15. Angelo B. Ancheta
  16. Mark Angeles
  17. Rebecca Anonuevo
  18. Roberto Anonuevo
  19. Teo Antonio
  20. Lystra Aranal
  21. Mesandel Virtusio Arguelles
  22. Cesar Ruiz Aquino
  23. A.M. Azada
  24. Amado Bajarias
  25. Desiree L. Balota
  26. Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr.
  27. Joi Barrios
  28. Ariel Dim. Borlongan
  29. Dave Buenviaje
  30. Regine Cabato
  31. Jose Wendell P. Capili
  32. Ronan B. Capinding
  33. Ronaldo Carcamo
  34. F. Jordan Carnice
  35. Lito Casaje
  36. Ian Rosales Casocot
  37. Marella Castro
  38. Jose Jason L. Chancoco
  39. Ayrie Ching
  40. Frank Cimatu
  41. Mikael de Lara Co
  42. Kristian Sendon Cordero
  43. Michael M. Coroza
  44. Keith Cortez
  45. Moises Anthony Cruz
  46. Dakila Cutab
  47. Lope Cui, Jr.
  48. Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.
  49. Carlomar Daoana
  50. Ramon Damasing
  51. Mes De Guzman
  52. Ainne Frances dela Cruz
  53. Christa I. De La Cruz
  54. Khavn De La Cruz
  55. Noelle Leslie dela Cruz
  56. Nikki De Los Santos
  57. Karl R. De Mesa
  58. Iñigo de Paula
  59. Ricardo De Ungria
  60. Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra
  61. Noel del Prado
  62. A Despi
  63. Glenn Diaz
  64. Lav Diaz
  65. Alain Russ Dimzon
  66. Jan Brandon Dollente
  67. Jacob Walse-Dominguez
  68. Simeon Dumdum, Jr.
  69. Marjorie Evasco
  70. Israfel Fagela
  71. Bendix M. Fernandez
  72. Boni Fojas-Almirante
  73. Luis H. Francia
  74. Marc Escalona Gaba
  75. Eric Gamalinda
  76. J. Neil Garcia
  77. German Gervacio
  78. Lolito Go
  79. Eva B. Gubat
  80. Ramil Digal Gulle
  81. Asterio Enrico Gutierrez
  82. Luisa A. Igloria
  83. Neal Imperial
  84. Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta
  85. Marne Kilates
  86. Philip Yerro Kimpo, Jr.
  87. Jeanilyn Kwan
  88. Jose F. Lacaba
  89. Marra PL. Lanot
  90. Christine V. Lao
  91. Gian Lao
  92. Sandra Laureano
  93. Elaine Lazaro
  94. John Francis C. Losaria
  95. Bienvenido Lumbera
  96. Carlo Angelo V. Marcelo
  97. Edgar B. Maranan
  98. Luchie Maranan
  99. Pia Montalban
  100. V.E. Carmelo D. Nadera Jr.
  101. Joanna Nicolas-Na
  102. Homer B. Novicio
  103. Emil Os
  104. Voltaire Q. Oyzon
  105. Doms Pagliawan
  106. Agustin Pagusara
  107. R. Torres Pandan
  108. Ned Parfan
  109. Allan Justo Pastrana
  110. Carlos Piocos
  111. Axel Pinpin
  112. Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.
  113. Jun Cruz Reyes
  114. Fidel Rillo
  115. Virgilio A. Rivas
  116. Deedle Rodriguez-Tomlinson
  117. Patrick Rosal
  118. Darylle Rubino
  119. Roger B Rueda
  120. Jose Leonardo A. Sabilano
  121. Joseph de Luna Saguid
  122. Joel Pablo Salud
  123. Edgar Calabia Samar
  124. Rafael San Diego
  125. Benilda Santos
  126. Oscar Tantoco Serquina, Jr.
  127. Tanya Sevilla-Simon
  128. Danny Castillones Sillada
  129. Beverly W. Siy
  130. Bert Sulat, Jr.
  131. Ramon C. Sunico
  132. Christian Tablazon
  133. Alyza Taguilaso
  134. John Iremil E. Teodoro
  135. Andrea B. Teran
  136. Enrico C. Torralba
  137. Ricky Torre
  138. Denver Ejem Torres
  139. Charles Bonoan Tuvilla
  140. Roberto Ofanda Umil
  141. RM Urquico
  142. Czeriza Shennille Valencia
  143. Eric Tinsay Valles
  144. Joel Vega
  145. Eliza Victoria
  146. Santiago Villafania
  147. Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor
  148. Michael Carlo C. Villas
  149. Alfred A. Yuson
  150. Arlene J Yandug

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Darned Superglue...

I think I will never attempt installation art or sculptures or any similar sort of art form that involves cutting, gluing, hammering, nailing, etc. I may be a bit too clumsy for these sorts of things. I remember when I was in high school, part of art class involved cutting paper. I ended up with lots of nicks and cuts. So one of my kind classmates just offered to cut my projects for me, and I was hailed one of the "Best Cutters" because, well, I wasn't the one who worked on the plates.

Then we had basic sculpture. We were asked to buy Perla soap because it had just the right amount of malleability (is that the right word?). I couldn't make anything even after ten bars of soap. Just ended up punching a hole on my skin when the chisel slipped from my hands.

Today I wanted to give it another try. Well I was just planning to build my own canvas frame. Since I considered holding a hammer and nails a bit too dangerous for my klutzy self, I decided to use superglue. While sticking two pieces of plywood together, I ended up gluing my fingers together instead. Some of my friends have suggested using acetone to remove the glue. That got my fingers detached, but the cement is still on my skin, and has turned into an ugly white mass that looks like crusted skin.

I guess I'll just be loofa-ing it off for the rest of the week, as my close friend, Bianca, has suggested. Winner.

Friday, July 1, 2011 Runfest 2011 on July 24

Planning to join this race after a month-long lay off. Prices for fun runs sure have spiked in the last 5 years. Php 550 for 5K? If I didn't love this sport so much I'd just forget about it (from

Reg Fee Inclusion
5K = Php 550 Finishers' Medal, Singlet, RFID timing tag, personalized race bib (for early registrants)
10K = Php 550 Finishers' Medal, Singlet, RFID timing tag, personalized race bib (for early registrants)
16K = Php 650 Finishers' Medal, Singlet, RFID timing tag, personalized race bib (for early registrants)

Early reg is over. Still waiting for regular registration to start. I contacted the email add they provided and received this reply:

Hi Anne,

Thank you for your interest to join the Runfest.
The regular registration will resume next week. We are targeting to start wednesday [July 13, 2011] next week once the materials arrive to us.
We are still waiting for the singlets to be complete before we start the regular registration.
About 500 slots will be open. If necessary, we will increase to another 500 slots.

See you at Runfest.

- Jinoe

Hopefully they update soon. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Me and Animals / Animals and I

Sometimes, I just don't get it. When I was in high school, there were puppies where I used to live in Xavierville. They were white, cute and fluffy. Though they were street dogs (aka. Askals). When I jumped rope, they would bark at me and try to join in on the game. Until there came a time when one of them decided to lick my toe while I was watering the plants, and my toe had a small wound, and I had to get rabies shots all the way from San Lazaro. >.< Gross.

And that's when I started to avoid animals.

As it turns out, that's quite hard to do in the Philippines, given the profusion of cats, dogs and yeah...well, rats that roam the streets. Very much part of the contemporary Filipino experience.

In any case I just wanted to talk about this morning. The neighbor's cute brown mini poodle, for some reason, decided to chase me while I was on my way out of the house. It got so excited that it jumped on me. Its nails weren't properly trimmed, so it ended up giving me a few scratches and even a bruise when it collided with my leg. Mind you my brother was standing right beside me as he'd just stepped out of his car. But no, the poodle didn't notice him. Mr. Poodle kinda looked like this when I first saw it about two months ago:

But now it's bigger and wilder. LOL.

Now I posted this incident on Facebook as well, and it sparked an interesting thread about how Facebook might not be targeting ads that well. See, when I typed "Poodle" all these Poodle and pet ads popped up, along with "Related to Your Post" previews to the right of the page. (By the way, friends, I was kind enough to put a line across your names and faces to protect your privacy *snickers*).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Olla SEM eCertificate from IMMAP

I wish they hadn't unenrolled me from the e-classroom, though, because I wasn't able to note down all the recommended readings.

I guess this is the disadvantage of having an online class. Lots of content won't be in hard copy, so you gotta make sure to get e-copies of everything you can.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I can't help it. This vid of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) had me and my office buds laughing our heads off. Gonna share hahaha!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pepper Lunch pig out and more with my Silliman co-fellows

It's been almost a year, I think, since I last saw these great people, or as Gino would put it, fabulous fabulous people.

We met Friday (yesterday) at Pepper Lunch in Greenbelt. I found Miro lined up outside the resto for some reason, despite the fact that we already had a table inside. Knowing how good and considerate a person she is, I decided to line up with her without protest, until the waitress told us we should have just gone inside. The baby of the 49th batch hasn't changed much, save for her more lady-like demeanor and the downplaying of her classic jejemon ways. Oscar, Gino, and Netty were done eating already so we hurriedly ordered Pepper Rice No. 1. It looks boring in the menu, and boring in real life. Just rice topped with corn and pepper, encircled by thin strips of beef on a sizzzzzzling plate. But the first bite will remind you of the age old saying: looks can be deceiving.

The "You got thin!" or "You got fat" part of the meet-up let's me know how really long it's been since we've all seen each other like this. Oscar's green jokes, as usual, made lots of heads turn; so we we had to finish our meal fast before the surrounding families became too scandalized. I had to check with them if our batch mascot, Nom Nom, was really still okay. I wasn't able to join them in the 50th Silliman reunion since I was in the 18th Iligan Workshop. Good thing that he, apparently, is alive and well!!! I was told that that cute little doggy might have died in Dumaguete while we were away. But he has gotten quite big now:

That's our Nom Nom awright!!!
I wrote about him in a previous post about our batch.

And so we finished with our dinner and moved to Gelatissimo. There, we carried with us our loudness, ruining the quiet and calm of the others who must have hoped to enjoy their dessert in peace.

Oscar told me I've become quite noisy now. Apparently I wasn't like that last year. It seemed I was shy and reserved in Dumaguete...two adjectives that would make my high school and office friends roll on the floor laughing their asses off. Well, that must be the other side of me that comes out when I'm uncomfortable. I take it as a good sign that distance and time may have brought me closer to my Silliman batchmates, or I may have simply changed and don't give a damn anymore what people say. Because hey, we've got one chance in life, why not spend it being ourselves? Why not spend it being my loud self? I think the world should be a noisier place. Noisy with LAUGHTER I mean. hihi. >.<

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Bee Me

Can I just say, I've been extra busy these days at work...I haven't written a poem or story in a while.  But I find I don't mind, because this is the good kind of busy, the one that actually goes somewhere, not the other kind of busy where you're just running around doing a hodgepodge of things you've been asked to do.

Been coordinating with the company's digital agency to get our newest Facebook App working. I was haggard-ized yesterday because a certain government agency can't seem to decide on their own rules for getting permits. My goodness, what's the use of having a contact center when they're just gonna tell you, "Di ko nga rin alam eh." Ah ganun? Ganun lang? Get outta your seat then and find someone who knows! >.<

In any case, we were able to launch the promo on time through the help of our Legal Dept. Whew. Because I'd hate it if we were delayed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cute Puppies....NOT!

I was doing my usual morning run, when from afar I saw a pair of cute puppies. They were so chubby and fluffy! Until they both started barking and growling at me. Before I knew it, my relaxed run became a scared sprint as the terrible two started chasing me across the street. I am never going to pass by that street again. Darned pups.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fellers I Met in Iligan

*Disclaimer: The content of this post is based purely on my opinion and does not reflect the true personalities of the writers featured herewith. For complete details, try to get to know them in person, they don't bite, I think...hehe

In no particular order (Thanks, Glenn for the photos):

Glenn dyed his hair blond, so I guess that means he's cool

Vijae looks kind of angry here, but he actually smiles a lot in real life

Don't get on Mich's bad side, because as Denver put it, she will do as she pleases

Roger's gonna critique you real good

Don't look into Kei's eyes, being a psyche grad, she's gonna read you and psychologize you

Grace is yet to set a world record of getting the most number of dates in one day

Ms. Maimona gave us real nice shawls/scarves!

Erik looks like your average quiet guy, but he's not that average

Gil took lots of pics while we were there and I think he forgot to lend me some for this blog

Mark has a thing for Marlboros and engines

Bonifacio likes to play

Deo will argue with you no matter who you are

who's this?

Jacob's a real adventure seeker...or stranger seeker heehee

Father might have gotten annoyed at our rogue behaviors

Denver likes writing about bamboo poles and belts

Allen is surprisingly...talkative

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day I 18th Iligan Workshop

Day I of the workshop was my Day II in Iligan City. I'd been cooped up in the Maria Cristina Hotel (due to my kuripot-ness, been waiting for our allowance to be released). Though I wasn't alone in my kuripot-ness as everyone else, I discovered, was running low on moolah.

In the morning of May 23, we had the opening session. We rode the service van to MSU and headed for the MSU Board Room (or was it Theater?), where we listened to our most lively keynote speaker: Pearlsha B. Abubakar, a prize-winning fictionist, performer, composer, scorer and journalist (whew!). I can't forget this part of her speech, that we as writers, "must make a career out of feeling," despite the obvious difficulty of attaining financial success by going the less traveled path.

We, the fellows, were also privileged enough to watch the Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) dance what I was later told was the Pangalay. Pangalay is apparently their word for "dancing". IPAG created their unique version, where they combined dance sequences used for courtship and battle scenes. Most prominent in this type of dance are the movements of the hands. Clad in their silken garb, The dancers maintained grace and precision whether it be for scenes of courtship or the display of martial arts. I was enthralled by the dancer who, with brass clawed hands, balanced herself on two bamboo shafts. This is the part of the dance called apatong.

The Presentation of Fellows at the Theater (From left, Deo was late by the way :b): Denver Torres, Mich Tan, Jacob Dominguez, Anne Abad, Grace Abogado, Kei Valmoria-Bughaw, Glenn Munez, Maimona Magayoong, Gil Montinola, Erik Tuban, Vijae Alquisola, Bonifacio Javier III, Mark Daposala, Allen Samsuya, Roger Garcia, Jonecito R. Saguban

Fear thy Panelists (From left): Erlinda Kintanar Alburo, Merlie M. Alunan, Steven Patrick C. Fernandez, Pearlsha B. Abubakar, German V. Gervacio, Godinez-Ortega and Prof. John Iremil Teodoro
 After the opening session, we had lunch then moved on to the workshop proper.

And who's first? Me! And where was I? Somewhere out there, getting a glass of water or having a CR break. Returned to the Board Room wondering why everyone was looking at me. And well yeah, because they decided that my poem "At the Breakfast Table" should go first as it starts with an "A."