Friday, June 17, 2011

Me and Animals / Animals and I

Sometimes, I just don't get it. When I was in high school, there were puppies where I used to live in Xavierville. They were white, cute and fluffy. Though they were street dogs (aka. Askals). When I jumped rope, they would bark at me and try to join in on the game. Until there came a time when one of them decided to lick my toe while I was watering the plants, and my toe had a small wound, and I had to get rabies shots all the way from San Lazaro. >.< Gross.

And that's when I started to avoid animals.

As it turns out, that's quite hard to do in the Philippines, given the profusion of cats, dogs and yeah...well, rats that roam the streets. Very much part of the contemporary Filipino experience.

In any case I just wanted to talk about this morning. The neighbor's cute brown mini poodle, for some reason, decided to chase me while I was on my way out of the house. It got so excited that it jumped on me. Its nails weren't properly trimmed, so it ended up giving me a few scratches and even a bruise when it collided with my leg. Mind you my brother was standing right beside me as he'd just stepped out of his car. But no, the poodle didn't notice him. Mr. Poodle kinda looked like this when I first saw it about two months ago:

But now it's bigger and wilder. LOL.

Now I posted this incident on Facebook as well, and it sparked an interesting thread about how Facebook might not be targeting ads that well. See, when I typed "Poodle" all these Poodle and pet ads popped up, along with "Related to Your Post" previews to the right of the page. (By the way, friends, I was kind enough to put a line across your names and faces to protect your privacy *snickers*).

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