Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Poems Now Viewable at the Asia Literary Review

And they're out! Three Meals and Etiquette, two of my free verse poems, are now up at Volume 21, Autumn 2011: of the Asia Literary Review.

I can't wait to receive my compli copies of the magazine. I'll post a photo of them once I receive them via post. I was told the mag is available in "bookshops" but I bet I won't find them in the Philippines so I have to rely on the compli copies. The editor also mentioned I can have an audio stream of the pieces, not sure if I'll do one since I'm not that much of a performer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nick Joaquin Graphic Fiction Awards @ The Manila Hotel

Last time I was at the Manila Hotel, I was, I think 5, so no I don't really remember much. I arrived last night and was greeted by the cheesy sound of violins (I was hungry already). I was looking for my Iligan co-fellow, Michelle Tan, and since I couldn't find her in the lobby, I signed up first at the reception area of the Maynila Function Room, which looked like a mystic mix of arabian and bahay kubo design (whuuut?!)

But the place was really nice. The overhead dome made me feel like I was in a... harem? (whuut again?!)

Dome-chandelier with magical lights O_O

I gotta be honest, I was excited to eat hehe. :D Especially when I saw the dessert buffet, which I forgot to take pictures of. I tried all the appetizers (Tuna nicoise, vinegary corn and carrots, roast beef slices, salmon sashimi, etc) and skipped over to dessert. Who needs a main course when you've got lots of cake and chocolate?

Anywho the point of the event is to award the best of the best. This year's winners are *drum roll* (Oh and hooray for my IYAS co-fellow Shane!) Congrats to everyone:

L-R (Photo c/o Sir Krip Yuson): EIC Joel Pablo Salud; 1st Prize winner Thomas David Chavez, 3rd Prize winner Alex Almario, and 2nd Prize Winner Shane Carreon (of the Dumaguete National Writers Workshop 2011)

Aside from the winners, Ms. Gilda Cordero Fernando also received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Simply Amazing!

Sayang I couldn't stay to chat with the other writers, I had lots of stuff to do pa kasi hu hu hu.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under the Storm Book Launch @ the Ayala Museum

I got there quite late. It was supposed to start at 6PM. Cocktails would be served, we were told. But I didn't get there on time LOL. I had to finish lots of tasks at work and almost didn't manage to escape. I guess that's what I don't like about working in McKinley Hill. There's a limited choice of public transpo. Since I needed to get to Makati, I had to endure the long lines at the taxi stand.

Anyhow when I got there, the bands were already performing, and I think that people were just taking their leave, or out to get dinner. Good thing I still got to catch a couple of writer friends, like Alyza and Jordan:
Jordan Carnice and Alyza Taguilaso
A close friend I met at the Iligan workshop, Denver, visited Manila for this event and I'm glad we got to hang out, along with Miro (co-fellow at the 49th Silliman workshop). However, we decided to leave the scene soon after and eat at Mary Grace since we were starving. I do wish I got to socialize with the other writers more, however, the seating arrangement at the Museum didn't really allow for it much.

It's a pleasant yet inexplicable feeling to finally get a hold of the real book where so many poets have been pooled together in the name of art.