Monday, March 15, 2010

Signed Contract for My Book

Hard work does pay off, little by little. I'm quite excited, I just signed a contract with eTreasures Publishing, which is based in Marianna, Fl. It's for a short story collection tentatively entitled: "ΕΞΙΣ: gods, ghosts and battered cellphones,"

Exis is a Greek word. All my Ateneo Education has taught me to appreciate Greek. "The word EXIS denotes the natural power and wholeness of each thing.
According to Speusippos, EXIS is the tendency of the PSYCHE (Soul) which determines the EINAI (Being)of each PROSÔPON (Persona)." Got that from Vlassis G. Rassias; I downloaded a guide from the net. Really interesting, why didn't I think of doing this while I was still in school? LOL

My eBook's expected release is June 15, 2010
While the print version, if things go well, on September 15, 2010.

I hope I find a day job already. And I wonder what happened to all those resumes I sent out during the Ateneo Job Fair!

I lost my phone about a month ago, and that may be the reason why no one's contacted me again, what luck I have!! And I've already gone through the interviews!

Oh man...well maybe there are better things in store. I really do hope so...

I'll go try job street. Sheesh, I'm into my first few weeks of unemployment and I'm already restless. I haven't even gone through the graduation ceremonies yet.

Still, I smile. :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Berserker Time!

NOOO!! I realized that the deadlines for the IYAS and Dumaguete workshops are just a few days away!!!! I've been slacking darn it.

Well, I really wanna get into Dumaguete, but I noticed they're requiring works to be notarized. Mehn, I don't even have ink to print my stories, and the airmail is costly as well. Looks like I'm gonna go scavenge for a few days, LOL.

Can I just pray for a windfall? Yeah fine I made some story sales, but the money just drains away like toilet water (oop, ok that's yucky). I'll have to stay up late to finish these half-finished babies! :'(

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I miss Final Fantasy!

Just a few days ago, my friends and I were having dinner. Then while having desert, our inner child jumped out of the depths of oblivion and we just started talking about Final Fantasy again. I felt so nostalgic since I've always been an FF fan, but when college life came, I've completely lost track of this "Final" game that keeps having a next installment, and another, and another (Whew!).

The very first FF game I played was FF VII, with Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Scarborough, etc. and well I'd have to mention the bestest and baddest guy ever--Sephiroth. This FF remains my fave. The Chocobo races were the best. I loved exploring the planet with the golden one as well. (Sigh...). I even watched Advent Children, and I was not disappointed. This FF series is pretty consistent with a sort of "environmentalist" voice that doesn't have that yucky didactic, save-the-fairies quality.

Then came FF VIII, with my big crush, Squall Lionheart. This seemed too centered on romance, but hey, loved the effects and summoning GF's. This is my second fave.

FF IX is YUCK, well I didn't like the small people, plus Zidane just wasn't all that cool, especially when I look back and compare him to Squall and Cloud and Sephiroth (yea, yea, he's a bad guy, but still!)

FF X, hmm, great effects, plus it's interesting how the characters can somehow breathe underwater. Then again Tydus looks like Zidane, so yuck. In any case, the story was great. So this goes to third place :)

Haha, funny how I just start reminiscing about these things. Darn, with college done, I might just go back to gaming!!