Saturday, August 31, 2013

Read "A Kingdom of Walls" at Cordite Poetry Review

My poem's up! A series of poems have been selected by the Poetry Editor of their Masque-themed issue. Check them out here.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Hiring Process, Year 2060" Shortlisted in the Tagore-O'Henry Short Story Contest

My story "Hiring Process, Year 2060" has been shortlisted in the Top 20 of the Tagore-O'Henry Short Story Contest.

This contest is fee-free, and since I'm on bankrupt mode, I thought I'd give it a try. Hopefully, I place in the Top 10. Judges and readers will decide the winner/s from out of these top 10 stories that will be posted in a week or two.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flooding Again in Manila

I'm praying hard that these torrential rains would stop. It is the same scene from last year, but worse. Areas that never experienced flooding (like Las Pinas) are now chest deep in muck. Some pics from MMDA:

From MMDA's Facebook

From @MMDA

From @MMDA

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"A Kingdom of Walls" to appear in Cordite 43: MASQUE

I thought they'd forgotten about my submission for this issue since it's been a few months. I get used to that, the ineffable silence of the submission hole. Some journals simply don't send a response and that means "no."

Fortunately, good things come to those who wait. I received an acceptance letter for my poem "A Kingdom of Walls," which will appear in Cordite Issue 43. Here is (part of) the letter I received from Mr. MacCarter, Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review:

Anne Abad

Ann Vickery, guest poetry editor of Cordite 43: MASQUE, has made her selections for the issue, and I'm happy to report that she would like to include your poem:

'A Kingdom of Walls'

Congratulations! I look forward to publishing it.

Shortly, I'll be sending along a link for you to proof your poem online. The issue will publish on 1 September 2013.

Thanks again,

Kent MacCarter | Managing Editor, Cordite Poetry Review | Twitter | Facebook

It's an honor to be included. I still have stars in my eyes. This poem is among the new experiments I've been working on, combining elements of fantasy and science fiction to my poetry. Looks like I'm going to keep this up!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fave Poem of the Week: A Modern Prometheus (Strange Horizons)

I love this fresh new take on Prometheus. Just when I thought this lore is getting old, Lynette Mejia whips it up into something energizing.

My favorite lines:
What is called for here
is patience and pain
The passion of waiting births the most beautiful things. Read the poem here.

In other news, a haiku of mine will appear in Presence Issue #49. Presence is Britain's leading independent haiku journal. Matt Morden, the editor, suprised me with a follow up email, after having read my blog. Editors do read your blogs, writers! (OMG) :O better get those sites into tip top shape!

This is what he had to say about my poem:

PS, having just looked at your blog and your comments re feedback about why poems have been accepted, I thought it might be useful to let you know that I have accepted this because I enjoyed the connection between the rougher waves (whitecaps) rocking the baby on the float toy - a moment of nature and humanity in harmony!


I know editors have a lot on their plate. So really, thanks, Matt. Comments are always appreciated. :)