Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Today I Quote Nathan Beesley

"yesterday there was a suicide bombing in Yemen which killed 37 people and wounded 66, but this received nowhere near as much coverage as the Paris shootings. Why? Because these attacks, which happen every day in the Middle East, don’t fit the narrative of ‘us and them’. The reality is that most of the victims of Islamic extremism are Muslims and that Islamic extremism is the product, not of age old ideological rivalry, but concrete socio-economic problems facing much of the Middle East."

Read the entire article here

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Think I Died Laughing

Animals with bad dubbing #Win. This vid's been in the interwebs for a while but I only now discovered it. :'D

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

I began seriously writing in 2010. As part of my journey, I joined AbsoluteWrite, a forum for established and aspiring writers. The people in AW have helped propel me through the bad grammar, run on sentences, shaky plots and clich├ęd concepts.

I checked out my profile and found that I actually wrote some stuff there, surprising stuff. Have a look at the dream I wrote:

I wrote that my ultimate writing dream is to get my epic series published. I've been working on a novel for the better part of four years, and I think that unconsciously, I'm getting there! Yesterday, I've submitted the revised version of The Light Bringer's Kingdom, which stands at 85,000 words, cut down from its original 100,000. I guess much of this novel was fluff. I'm happy that my editors at Zharmae Publishing Press pushed me to cut out the unneeded sections of the story, and get the underlying gem to shine through. I've been delayed due to the length of time it took to rewrite sections of my novel that needed better characterization. But I'm almost there. We're almost there!

Also, the prequel to The Light Bringer's Kingdom, Epiko is also starting to look good, standing at 40,000 words and counting. I'm almost done with it. Just keep pressing on, I've always told myself. Things will fall into place.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Whoa, I'm 27!

I've heard that 27 is the crossroads year. Is it? Apparently greater challenges are coming ahead. But oh, come on, the last 26 other years haven't exactly been a walk in the park!

I wonder what's in store? There are a couple of things I want to achieve this year:

  1. Get rich
  2. Get writing
  3. Get active in some social work.

I'm almost done editing my novel, The Light Bringer's Kingdom. I'll be sending it to back to my publisher today, in the hopes of the revisions being good to go. Just rereading the whole thing before sending :)