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I will hold this spree until November 25, 2008, which will be the last day for ordering the following BB creams: (all prices include shipping for those living in Asia, additional fees apply for those in farther areas like the United States)

1) Skinfood Aloe Sun SPF 20 PA++ (30 mL tube)
-price: $25

2) Innisfree oil-free BB mousse SPF 30 PA++ (70mL)
-price: $30

3) Innisfree trouble-care BB cream SPF 27 PA++ (30 mL pump tube
-price: $25

4) Coogi Flowertox 3Action Super BB cream SPF 25 PA++ (30mL tube)
-price: $25

5) Skin 79 Intense Classic UV Balm SPF 20 PA++ (43.5 g)
-price: $25

6) Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple functions SPF 25PA++ (40g hot pink pump container)

-price: $25

* This has a gold version (not oil-free)
-same price
-the difference is that the gold one
has gold caviar, a known anti-wrinkle

7) It's Skin Nutritious BB cream SPF 15 PA+
-price: $25

*I have already reviewed the above BB creams here:

These other BB creams I've also tried but not as long as I had the ones above:

8) The Face Shop Hydro Splash BB cream SPF 20 PA++

-Price: $25

Description: This is a very lightweight water-based BB cream. absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.
Has a faint scent (not bad), coverage is light, but gives a porcelain finish although it isn't as dewy as the other BB's.
Oil control is very good despite being very moisturising, so I think it fits even hot humid countries like Singapore and the Philippines.
As for color, it's very pale, but after about 20 minutes, it blends perfectly into my skin so I didn't mind

9) Etude House Magic BB cream (for oily skin) *in 35 mL pump tube
-Price: $25

Description: has a strog tea-tree scent, so I think it does contain tea-tree oil (I'm not korean, I dunno what the ingredient list says)
Oil control is so-so, had to blot once or twice during the day
this has no SPF, you need to where one underneath
it didn't break me out, but I haven't noticed it helping with my pimples either.
It's yellow-toned and a bit darker than most BB's, it fit me perfectly since I have a slight tan

10) Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream SPF 42 PA+++ (in 2 colors. #21 is yellow-toned but very pale; #23 is darker but pink-toned)
-30 mL tube: $30
-50mL pump tube: $50

Description: this is one of the more expensive BB's...this version, according to the SA's, is the best among their line of BB's. it has arbutin, collagen, jojoba oil, squalene, mcadamia oil, rosemary, chamomile, ceramides, and other skin-soothing ingredients, anti-wrinkle.
application is quite thick, but still blendable. It didn't break me out
very good coverage, problem is, none of the 2 colors match my skin tone!
Nevertheless, this has received various raves on the net.
oil-control is very good, better than skin 79 intense classic UV balm

11) Missha M Watery BB cream SPF 27 PA++
-price: $25

Description: Like The Faceshop's Hydro Splash BB cream, this is a light and moisturising BB cream. But it is oddly not as blendable as TFS's.
It has a darker color that perfectly matched my skin, but I got some red bumps when I washed it off so I stopped using it. Iwould rather buy TFS
I think Missha generally doesn't suit me, but Japanese girls I've met are all raving about Missha's BB creams, so I guess it's just me

Those who want to order have until November 25, 2008 to decide. Ordinary shipping may take 7-14 days.

I only accept wire transfer through my korean bank account:

Shinhan Bank acct. # 110-252-04282


Western Union money transfer

Contact me at
following this FORMAT:

subject: BB cream order
your name:
complete address:
wire transfer receipt #:

Western Union MTCN
(Anne Carly Abad as recipient):

1) order 1
2) order 2
3) etc....

*your orders will only be confirmed once I receive the payment or am able to confirm that the money you sent has really been transferred

*if you have any special request for other BB cream brands, tell me and I will get them for you. The reason why I only have selected brands here is because they're the ones I've tried, I cannot vouch for other brands

*Once I have shipped your orders, I will not be liable for losses or damages due to shipping (that is why I will send the tracking #'s). All orders are guaranteed to be in good condition upon shipping

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BB Cream review

Joined the BB Cream Bandwagon...

When I went to Korea, I had no idea what the hell BB creams are. And I couldn't speak much Korean, so when I visited an Etude House shop, the Korean-only-speaking SA's kept suggesting "Magic BB, Magic BB" and I was like? "What the hell is a magic Baby???" I had to go to pay a visit to the internet to find out that BB cream is the "hottest" skincare/makeup trend these days due to its healing properties and ability to cover skin imperfections despite giving a no-makeup look.

I've tried several brands by now, and I shall review them since I've been using them for nearly 2 months now (alternating every week). My skin is relatively a bit tan (Maybelline angelfit W02 Natural Buff fits me perfectly) compared to Koreans, but most of the BB's worked well on me despite my having combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin:

1) Skinfood Aloe Sun SPF 20 (first picture above left)

Color: I chose the #2 shade, and it was a bit pink so I didn't like it that much. the #1 has yellow undertones to it but it was lighter than #2, so skintone-wise, I didn't find a good fit

fragrance: strong, flowery-herbal fragrance. Although it wasn't unpleasant, I am not a fan of fragrance, so thumbs down to its scent.

Oil-control: so-so, my skin looked pretty matt but not dull. I didn't have to blot until 5 hours later

coverage: won't cover huge pimples but will lessen the appearance of redness, and can lighten dark undereyes. you'll still need concealer, though

what's special about it?: well it has aloe so it's supposed to soothe irritated skin. but actually most of my BB's gave me this effect so I think it's not that special

2) Innisfree oil-free BB mousse spf 30 (a whopping 70 mL, nearly double the average content of other BB's)

Color: really nice! it has a beige color when it comes out but when I put it on my skin it seems to adapt to my color. it has a brightening effect that doesn't make me look like a geisha. it's like i'm just fresher and healthier. gave a really dewy-but-not-sticky finish

fragrance: has lavender as its 'special' ingredient, so it smelled like lavender, but the scent dissipates in a few seconds once I apply it to my skin. I like it!

Oil-control: well, it fails in this part, sadly. it's not that good in controlling oil, but surprisingly, even if I sweat or get oily, the BB cream is still there. it doesn't peel or anything

coverage: same as the Skinfood Aloe Sun, won't cover huge pimples but will lessen the appearance of redness, and can lighten dark undereyes.

what's special about it?: it is very easy to spread due to its mousse consistency (of course you have to hurry before it dries though, cuz then it becomes difficult to spread once it settles). this time, the lavender is it's soothing ingredient. works for me whether it's summer (I'm sure I can use this in the Philippines once I get back from Korea) or winter/autumn.:)

3) Innisfree BB cream for troubled skin spf 27

Color: unlike the mousse one, this is too light for me. I look a bit ghostly. I wish they had a shade #2 or 3...:(
fragrance: herbal, tea-tree scent due to its main ingredient which is tea tree oil

Oil-control: great! I think I didn't even blot most days...unless it was because I changed my toner to the Nivea oil-control one hehehe...

coverage: again, this goes on sheer, but covers dark undereyes and pimples well (maybe cuz its color is too light...)

what's special about it?: it dried my pimples, even the small whitehead-like ones, really fast. it used to take me a week to get rid of a big pimple, but with this, they dried up within 3 days. really cool!

4) Coogi Flowertox 3-action Super BB cream SPF 25PA++
Color: a bit light and pink-toned, but when I applied it to my skin it looked good and had a brightening effect. I have to be careful not to put too much, though, or I will look like a geisha.

fragrance: very light scent of flowers that quickly disappears upon application

oil-control: This has got to have one of the best oil-control functions. I didn't even blot at all during cool days, and just once for warmer days (where I sweat)...

coverage: This goes on sheer, but has great ability to hide redness and dark circles

what's special about it?: I don't really know since there is nothing said about this on the's main ingredients are flowers, though...some people said it's mainly a whitening BB cream, but I don't think I've gotten whiter. Maybe I need to use it for a few more months?

5) Skin 79 Super+ Triple Functions Beblesh Balm (BB) SPF 25 PA++
Color: kinda dark when pumped out of its container...although I have a tan, I prefer BB's that are a bit lighter than skin tone so that as the days goes by, my face still looks bright. It's a perfect match, though...almost like I put nothing on

fragrance: has a soft flowery scent

Oil-control: poor. that's what I can's supposed to be for summer must be because it is light on the skin, that way it won't clog pores (the other BB's don't clog pores either, though)

coverage: again, this goes on sheer, but cover dark undereyes and pimples well (maybe cuz its color is too really sheer. you will need a concealer
what's special about it?: it is anti-wrikle, whitening, anti-pimple (has triclosan), and soothing

*my skin got a bit irritated with this one. I saw redness when I washed the cream off at night. But that's because it's whitening, and my skin always reacts negatively to whitening (like with the Coogi one, but I still use them anyway cuz the redness goes away by the time I wake up in the morning, like it's never been there. it just takes some getting used to, I THINK....)

6) It's Skin Nutritious BB+ spf 15 PA+

Color: perfect match:) no complaints here

fragrance: I couldn't detect any

Oil-control: bad...just like the Skin 79 Triple Functions oil free BB

coverage: like the Skin 79 Triple Funtions oil-free BB

what's special about it?: I think it's very moisturising due to its caviar also didn't irritate my skin at all

7) Skin 79 Intense Classic UV Balm SPF 20 PA++(my personal favorite)
Color: light, almost pale, but it quickly adjusts to my natural skin tone. it made me look fresh and dewy
fragrance: strong lavender and sage herbal scent that quickly dissipates upon application. I guess the herbs here are pretty potent (based on the scent)

Oil-control: great! Just like the Coogi one, this is a winner

coverage: really good. I need to use only a little concealer for bigger pimples

what's special about it?: it's a no-nonsense cream that protects my skin, and seem to prevent pimple formation and skin irritation. this has visibly improved my skin, I don't get random red bumps anymore as my skin seems to have become more resilient to environmental stressors:)

I'm in Korea now, so FOR THOSE who are interested in getting BB creams, email me at

I can get you guys brands (Coogi Flowertox, Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, BRTC, Skin 79, Missha, etc.) that can only be found over here.

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Busby Seo Challenge

Click on the link above. It's on the Busby Seo Challenge. It's a contest where Webmasters from all around are competing to be on top in the google results for the keywords Busby Seo Challenge.

It's hard to get that top spot but we're helping each other out.