Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Light Bringer's Kingdom, Pre-listed!

The novel I wrote and rewrote and reworked hundreds of times has finally materialized as a real book. I believe in this story and didn't want to give up on it even if I was feeling a wee bit hopeless that no Philippine publishers were interested in taking it. Maybe it's because the novel is science fiction? Maybe there's no market? Not sure.

But all of that happened so I can have this book published by the cool, professional folks of Zharmae Publishing Press. They're young and amazing and I love having the chance to work with them.

Here's the final cover art by Tomasz Wieja:

Pre-orders of the Kindle edition are happening now at

The book will launch on September 12, 2015 and the paperback edition will be released a week after that.

Super excited! If you're interested, please do support me. I appreciate any help in getting the word out. I can give out copies for those who'd like to review my novel. :)