Monday, March 15, 2010

Signed Contract for My Book

Hard work does pay off, little by little. I'm quite excited, I just signed a contract with eTreasures Publishing, which is based in Marianna, Fl. It's for a short story collection tentatively entitled: "ΕΞΙΣ: gods, ghosts and battered cellphones,"

Exis is a Greek word. All my Ateneo Education has taught me to appreciate Greek. "The word EXIS denotes the natural power and wholeness of each thing.
According to Speusippos, EXIS is the tendency of the PSYCHE (Soul) which determines the EINAI (Being)of each PROSÔPON (Persona)." Got that from Vlassis G. Rassias; I downloaded a guide from the net. Really interesting, why didn't I think of doing this while I was still in school? LOL

My eBook's expected release is June 15, 2010
While the print version, if things go well, on September 15, 2010.

I hope I find a day job already. And I wonder what happened to all those resumes I sent out during the Ateneo Job Fair!

I lost my phone about a month ago, and that may be the reason why no one's contacted me again, what luck I have!! And I've already gone through the interviews!

Oh man...well maybe there are better things in store. I really do hope so...

I'll go try job street. Sheesh, I'm into my first few weeks of unemployment and I'm already restless. I haven't even gone through the graduation ceremonies yet.

Still, I smile. :)

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