Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under the Storm Book Launch @ the Ayala Museum

I got there quite late. It was supposed to start at 6PM. Cocktails would be served, we were told. But I didn't get there on time LOL. I had to finish lots of tasks at work and almost didn't manage to escape. I guess that's what I don't like about working in McKinley Hill. There's a limited choice of public transpo. Since I needed to get to Makati, I had to endure the long lines at the taxi stand.

Anyhow when I got there, the bands were already performing, and I think that people were just taking their leave, or out to get dinner. Good thing I still got to catch a couple of writer friends, like Alyza and Jordan:
Jordan Carnice and Alyza Taguilaso
A close friend I met at the Iligan workshop, Denver, visited Manila for this event and I'm glad we got to hang out, along with Miro (co-fellow at the 49th Silliman workshop). However, we decided to leave the scene soon after and eat at Mary Grace since we were starving. I do wish I got to socialize with the other writers more, however, the seating arrangement at the Museum didn't really allow for it much.

It's a pleasant yet inexplicable feeling to finally get a hold of the real book where so many poets have been pooled together in the name of art.

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