Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almond Cakes woohoo!

Everyone who knows me well enough know I'm crazy about cookies. Keebler Soft Batch cookies holds first place in my cookie monster heart, and will probably not be dethroned any time soon. After all, I attach lots of childhood memories to it, serving it as the pizza beside platefuls of grass spaghetti when I had make-believe tea parties (with, take note, my all-boy group of friends).

Other notable cookies are Oreos. I won't forget those dunkin' days, even if they don't taste as good anymore. Mrs. Fields also bakes great munchies. Love the ones with whole M&Ms sticking out from the cookies (can't remember what they're called). Other faves are Fibisco Choco Mallows and Hi-Ro cookies.

But I guess I'm still an Asian at heart because I'm totally crazy over those almond cookies / cakes from Macau. They're crumby and absorbs all the moisture from your mouth, but I love them. When we went to Macau, we bought the ones from Pastileria de Koi Kei, which also sells superb egg rolls and almond pastries (though kinda pricey). This time, some relatives returned and brought me pasalubong. They got me the ones from Choi Heong Yuen Bakery. Time to munch away! :)

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