Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting used to things

New job. New place. New people.
Have proven to be good for me (of course the question is, will I be good for them? :D)

It's been late-nighters for the last two weeks. I might be a newbie, but that doesn't spare me from the rigors of the ad industry. When they said it's tough, they weren't kidding. By they, I mean my former office mates at Resorts World Manila, who've had experience working in an ad agency.

Funny thing is, I'm busy. Yet I'm productive in that other side of life that isn't work related. I feel like chasing my dreams again. I want to write. Everyday.

And I do. I've got lots of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I just need to polish them. The next challenge I want to take is to apply form to my poems. A friend challenged me today to try the Villanelle, but well I ended up with a pile of mumbo jumbo. I'll go try the haiku first, then common measure, then maybe the sonnet. Just to get the hang of working with (or around) constraints.
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