Saturday, August 20, 2011

RUNRIO Trilogy Leg 2: RUN UNITED 2

This was really an unplanned race. Lately, I'd been sleeping late and missing lots of training days to catch up on sleep. But I signed up for the 10K distance anyway. I was thinking I could walk if I couldn't take it anymore. I could take it easy. Didn't have to be in competitive mode. Although knowing how I am, I kind of foresaw that I would still go all out.

And I did (kinda) go all out this morning. Or at least I tried. I didn't feel like I was in tip top form, but the energy of the 4,000 other 10K races gathered at the starting line seeped into me. I got psyched up by default. The gun start for 10K had to be cut up in three waves due to the overwhelming number of runners who joined. Start was slow. We just marched along until we reached the big Start arc. Had to do a lot of weaving left and right to avoid bumping into someone. I was so thirsty just five minutes after crossing the starting line due to the heat of being in the crowd earlier.

My watch acted weird so I have no idea what my finish time is. I think I pressed some wrong buttons, sheesh. I may have crossed the finish line at around 57 mins. (Asa!!!). Bonifacio High Street really has a way of making you hate its numerous uphill climbs. I bonked 1K away from the finish line, but I didn't walk. I was too near the end to stop.

After the race, I didn't stay behind anymore to check out all the sponsor booths because I knew there'd be really long lines, given that a total of 16,000 runners joined. I just got the basic Unilab goody bag and a copy of Women's Health mag. Official results aren't out yet. Let's see how RunRio's new reusable time chip fares.

Look at all those goodies! I got 1 Unilab water bottle, 1 Women's Health mag, 1 The Bull Runner mag, 1 box Athena milk, 1 Viva water, 1 Powerade (not there drank it up already), 1 Tuna Meatloaf, 1 Allerta tablet, 1 Allerta syrup, 1 Medicol, 1 Alaxan FR, 1 pH Care, 1 box CarbTrim, 1 box, Enervon Prime, Equal samples, 1 Kaspersky visor, Chubby the Bear isn't a freebie I just thought it'll look cute in the pic :)

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