Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Bee Me

Can I just say, I've been extra busy these days at work...I haven't written a poem or story in a while.  But I find I don't mind, because this is the good kind of busy, the one that actually goes somewhere, not the other kind of busy where you're just running around doing a hodgepodge of things you've been asked to do.

Been coordinating with the company's digital agency to get our newest Facebook App working. I was haggard-ized yesterday because a certain government agency can't seem to decide on their own rules for getting permits. My goodness, what's the use of having a contact center when they're just gonna tell you, "Di ko nga rin alam eh." Ah ganun? Ganun lang? Get outta your seat then and find someone who knows! >.<

In any case, we were able to launch the promo on time through the help of our Legal Dept. Whew. Because I'd hate it if we were delayed.
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