Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pepper Lunch pig out and more with my Silliman co-fellows

It's been almost a year, I think, since I last saw these great people, or as Gino would put it, fabulous fabulous people.

We met Friday (yesterday) at Pepper Lunch in Greenbelt. I found Miro lined up outside the resto for some reason, despite the fact that we already had a table inside. Knowing how good and considerate a person she is, I decided to line up with her without protest, until the waitress told us we should have just gone inside. The baby of the 49th batch hasn't changed much, save for her more lady-like demeanor and the downplaying of her classic jejemon ways. Oscar, Gino, and Netty were done eating already so we hurriedly ordered Pepper Rice No. 1. It looks boring in the menu, and boring in real life. Just rice topped with corn and pepper, encircled by thin strips of beef on a sizzzzzzling plate. But the first bite will remind you of the age old saying: looks can be deceiving.

The "You got thin!" or "You got fat" part of the meet-up let's me know how really long it's been since we've all seen each other like this. Oscar's green jokes, as usual, made lots of heads turn; so we we had to finish our meal fast before the surrounding families became too scandalized. I had to check with them if our batch mascot, Nom Nom, was really still okay. I wasn't able to join them in the 50th Silliman reunion since I was in the 18th Iligan Workshop. Good thing that he, apparently, is alive and well!!! I was told that that cute little doggy might have died in Dumaguete while we were away. But he has gotten quite big now:

That's our Nom Nom awright!!!
I wrote about him in a previous post about our batch.

And so we finished with our dinner and moved to Gelatissimo. There, we carried with us our loudness, ruining the quiet and calm of the others who must have hoped to enjoy their dessert in peace.

Oscar told me I've become quite noisy now. Apparently I wasn't like that last year. It seemed I was shy and reserved in Dumaguete...two adjectives that would make my high school and office friends roll on the floor laughing their asses off. Well, that must be the other side of me that comes out when I'm uncomfortable. I take it as a good sign that distance and time may have brought me closer to my Silliman batchmates, or I may have simply changed and don't give a damn anymore what people say. Because hey, we've got one chance in life, why not spend it being ourselves? Why not spend it being my loud self? I think the world should be a noisier place. Noisy with LAUGHTER I mean. hihi. >.<

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