Sunday, July 10, 2011

Darned Superglue...

I think I will never attempt installation art or sculptures or any similar sort of art form that involves cutting, gluing, hammering, nailing, etc. I may be a bit too clumsy for these sorts of things. I remember when I was in high school, part of art class involved cutting paper. I ended up with lots of nicks and cuts. So one of my kind classmates just offered to cut my projects for me, and I was hailed one of the "Best Cutters" because, well, I wasn't the one who worked on the plates.

Then we had basic sculpture. We were asked to buy Perla soap because it had just the right amount of malleability (is that the right word?). I couldn't make anything even after ten bars of soap. Just ended up punching a hole on my skin when the chisel slipped from my hands.

Today I wanted to give it another try. Well I was just planning to build my own canvas frame. Since I considered holding a hammer and nails a bit too dangerous for my klutzy self, I decided to use superglue. While sticking two pieces of plywood together, I ended up gluing my fingers together instead. Some of my friends have suggested using acetone to remove the glue. That got my fingers detached, but the cement is still on my skin, and has turned into an ugly white mass that looks like crusted skin.

I guess I'll just be loofa-ing it off for the rest of the week, as my close friend, Bianca, has suggested. Winner.
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