Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fellers I Met in Iligan

*Disclaimer: The content of this post is based purely on my opinion and does not reflect the true personalities of the writers featured herewith. For complete details, try to get to know them in person, they don't bite, I think...hehe

In no particular order (Thanks, Glenn for the photos):

Glenn dyed his hair blond, so I guess that means he's cool

Vijae looks kind of angry here, but he actually smiles a lot in real life

Don't get on Mich's bad side, because as Denver put it, she will do as she pleases

Roger's gonna critique you real good

Don't look into Kei's eyes, being a psyche grad, she's gonna read you and psychologize you

Grace is yet to set a world record of getting the most number of dates in one day

Ms. Maimona gave us real nice shawls/scarves!

Erik looks like your average quiet guy, but he's not that average

Gil took lots of pics while we were there and I think he forgot to lend me some for this blog

Mark has a thing for Marlboros and engines

Bonifacio likes to play

Deo will argue with you no matter who you are

who's this?

Jacob's a real adventure seeker...or stranger seeker heehee

Father might have gotten annoyed at our rogue behaviors

Denver likes writing about bamboo poles and belts

Allen is surprisingly...talkative
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