Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Index of Published Works

Here's a list of my published works as of May 2011. Hopefully I can add more to this list before 2011 ends:

ΕΞΙΣ gods, ghosts and battered cellphones (eBook, 2011) - eTreasures Publishing
Laws of Stone (Soon, 2011) - Library of Science Fiction, print and eBook
The Privilege (Apr 2011) - The Philippines Free Press; also available in print
Topheth No More (Oct 4 2010) - Printed in The Philippines Graphic Magazine
Songs of Urban Phantoms (Feb 2010) - Expanded Horizons
It Takes Seven (June 2010) - Three Crow Press

Fern (May 15, 2011) - The Sunday Inquirer Magazine
Law of Motion (2011) - Damazine

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