Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Up: Grasslimb Journal

Received an acceptance letter from the EIC of Grasslimb Journal on Saturday, for my poem "The Train Comes." Out of a suite of 5 poems only one made it through the editorial fire. Thank God this one made it. Here's how the letter went:

Dear Anne,

It's my great pleasure to accept

The Train Comes

for Grasslimb volume 10 number 1, due out in January, 2012.

We can offer $10 for this work; a check will be sent shortly, your
payment on acceptance.  We can also offer payment via PayPal if this is
preferred -- please let me know as soon as possible if so.  Your two
contributor's copies will be forwarded after the printing.

We purchase first serial print publication rights; you retain all other

Thank you for submitting to Grasslimb!  Your work will enhance our


Valerie Polichar
Editor, Grasslimb

Can't wait to get my contrib copies!
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