Sunday, October 2, 2011

Group Buying is the Sh**

I gotta admit, I was really hesitant about these group buying sites cropping up over the last few years. There's Ensogo, Groupon, Metrodeals and a host of startups that are getting into the field as well. The reasons why I was suspicious include the fact that they ask for your email add, and well, will include you in their e-blasts which tend to flood my inbox. I end up deleting the deals before even opening the emails or just unsubscribing. Another reason to be careful is that they ask for your credit card details.

But these days, I guess you could say I'm a convert. I bought a deal once for this resto called Spicy Tongue, and I got my coupon, and yes it was honored at the resto, which served superb Bicol Express, Laing, Dinuguan and Kinalas. With this good experience, I'm now excited to receive the e-blasts. There have been several interesting deals ranging from restaurant discounts, laser treatments, spa treatments, and waddya know?! A deal on learning mixed martial arts at the Muay Thai Association of the Philippines. It was kind of weird but hey, 60% off for 16 sessions? I just had to buy it. The gym is in Makati, and though it's far from where I live, it IS near where I work. So I plan to have a weekend session and one for weekdays, I'll just leave the office earlier. Can't wait to start classes since I only have 4 sessions left at my current gym.
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