Thursday, January 3, 2013

The "Natural Look" Myth

Perhaps there is no beauty myth more harmful than this one. Sure, it seems we are making waves, telling women they don't need makeup to look beautiful. Beauty comes from within, yada yada yada. However, it seems the beauty industry has caught up.

Or have they known all along?

Doesn't it feel great when you're told, "You look better without makeup"?
I think there's nothing wrong with this. Though, these days, we should look at what we mean by "no makeup." I've noticed how lifestyle magazines feature celebs in supposedly "no makeup" except some foundation, light blush and mascara. Hmm no makeup huh?

The danger here is that these fashion leaders are making us believe that celebs actually look like that the moment they wake up. Obviously they don't, or maybe some of them do. But making girls believe they should "naturally" look this flawless to be beautiful is downright flawed.

I guess I'm thankful someone finally wrote about this problem. An article in Slate entitled Natural Beauty More Oppressive than Makeup tackles just this.
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