Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What keeps you from being beautiful?

This is the question posed to me by an app I found on Facebook. The app is by Procter & Gamble and I believe it's meant to give you advice on how to care for your skin, hair and body. All you have to do is answer the multiple choice quiz.

Upon choosing "Body" I was asked to answer What keeps you from being beautiful? 
Oh, and guess what, among the barriers to beauty is DARK COMPLEXION. Isn't it swell how this app further plants into my head the idea that dark skin is ugly? No, I don't have dark skin, but I used to because I did lots of outdoor sports. Boy, did I hate it when my family kept telling me to quit the track team because I was getting dark. They didn't see the successes I made when I placed in the WNCAA in high school and competed in the UAAP in college. It was the "ugly" skin and not the hard work and effort my skin symbolized.

To add insult to injury, the app's next step, the Summary page even tells me "You feel your body could be beautiful, if only it didn't SUFFER from DARK COMPLEXION."

as if some extra melanin is an actual sickness equal in severity to cancer.
And that, my friends, is how to push whitening products to people.

Tell them they're ugly.

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