Monday, June 11, 2012

Club Manila East

Victor (my boyfriend) and I have been planning to go on an outing for a while, and summer came and almost went by without us being able to visit a beach or water theme park. Lots of things happened along the way, that's why. But then he suggested we go to Club Manila East because there are wave pools. Personally, I've never experienced a wave pool before, so I was sold.

And so we went there like backpackers, got to explore areas less-visited (ehem, by me)--like the Taytay and Antipolo areas. When we arrived, there weren't many people. And I think I know why. Boy, was my bf angry when the ticketing girl told him that CME no longer issues keys for their huts, cabanas and cabins (which are worth P700-P1,500 a day btw). It was a real rage moment, because the reason this HOTEL AND RESORT club no longer provides keys is that when clients lose the key, they [CME] will have to replace the keys. Uhm...yeah? Of course you have to replace the darned keys. That's part of the business! Anyway, isn't this a security lapse? How are clients able to bring those home anyway? They're supposed to be surrendered at the front desk before leaving.

So now, without keys, it's up to God to watch over our things while we swim and frolic. Oh how swell. Oh wait, we have another option--deposit our valuables in the Vault, for which they charge 6% of the total cost of the things you deposit. That's sans depreciation. So if you have an iPhone, you have to declare it at what...40K? And then pay 6% of 40K, so that's...P2,400! Oh and there's a catch, if you get your stuff, you can't put it back. You'll have to pay again.

Ho ho ho, merry greed-bonanza!

We just took the risk of not securing our stuff somewhere with a lock and hopped around in the wave pool while constantly looking over our shoulders in case a shady folk lurked by. It's good that we were still able to have a great time despite their stupid terms. But I dare say, business won't be good for this one, not for long.
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