Thursday, March 3, 2011

Printemps des Poetes 2011

Now and then, I write poems. This happens when I have an idea I can't write down in prose or short (or LONG) story form. That's when I resort to poetry. I wonder if it's intuition that drives this sort of move?

In any case, I was recently invited by Sir Krip Yuson to submit to a poetry anthology he's preparing/editing. I don't have much info about it, but luckily, it looks like two of my poems passed. He didn't tell me yet which ones, though.

Sir Krip was kind enough to invite me to a poetry reading that's happening this March 17, at the Alliance française de Manille (AfM). It's been a while since I've been in an event like this (makes me wonder if I still know how to orate). Hopefully, I won't stutter. O_o

This year's theme, I'm gonna paste over here:


"Expressing the deep links that unite man and nature, celebrating or questioning them, is one of the most constant features of universal poetry.
Seas and mountains, islands and shores, forests and rivers, skies, winds, suns, deserts and hills, like a hinterland, most poems carry the memory of landscapes crossed and lived in.
Recognizing oneself as dependent on the infinite faces of the world, this is undoubtedly how Holderlin wanted a poet to live on earth.”

That's it for now. >.<
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