Sunday, February 27, 2011

Edsa Run

To be honest, I was disappointed about the singlet/souvenir shirt for this event, given that I paid P400+ for the 5K. It was a flimsy, yellow cotton shirt. Didn't even use it since I doubted it could absorb sweat. Yeah, the run was a fundraiser to build classrooms, so I understand they had to skimp on some expenses, but I joined similar fun runs with fees raging from only P150-P200, and we were provided decent singlets. It would've been nice to be provided wearable "souvenir" shirts because the design wasn't bad at all, and it was wasted on poor material.

They'd better build lots of good classrooms, or I'm gonna be real angry.

In any case, I think I've been doing the right thing with my new training program. Been concentrating on doing lots of intervals instead of tempo runs, and I slashed about two minutes from my leg time. I didn't go all out as I was testing my stamina, given that the route around Temple Drive had a lot of uphill slopes. By the last kilometer, I could still go faster. My time was about 28 mins, and I ended up in 8th place (women's category, of course). I might have done better if I wasn't held up by the wall of runners at the starting line. Should've lined up earlier so I wasn't stuck at the back.

In my next 5K race (still choosing one), I'm hoping I can make 26 mins, which is a bit closer to my time when I was in college.
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