Monday, February 21, 2011

Running, Racing

Last year, I got it into my head to get back into running. Not that I left it behind somewhere along the way; it was just that I'd treated it more as a recreational activity than an avenue for competition. It's been years since my last big competition, and I was still with the team then. I've always done mid-distance sprints, but last year I thought "why don't a try a full 42K marathon?"

After graduating, I had loads of time for myself. When I wasn't writing, I didn't know what to do with the extra time I had, so I thought, what the heck? Why don't I try? I had a running buddy who was very much into the longer distances anyway, so I was pretty confident that I could do it (till I found out there are really what they call 'endurance monsters' out there).

I started by making a running program for myself. I was like a crazy chef, taking Googled ingredients from here and there. Got hold of the basics first: Intervals, Tempo runs, Easy runs, and of course, the dreaded Long run.

While I was working my way up to doing 3-hour long runs (that was around 4 months into my 5-month long program), I burned out. I was like, "I'm not made for long distance running." I don't know how my running buddy did Camsur in 5 hours, because I felt that it would be impossible for me to even finish that full 42K stretch. Because I didn't have the confidence to join the Quezon City International Marathon's 42K, I settled for half that distance, the 21K. Sadly, I trained for that event, only to be let down by my work, which kept me hanging about in Pasay until 2am for consecutive days prior to the race. I was in no condition to compete, so I just settled for the Grand Fiesta Run's 10K.

This year, I'm not sure if I'll just concentrate on the 5K and 10K distances, which are easier for me to stomach given my busy work sched and the fact that I'm still not used to long-distance running. I usually run really early in the morning. I'm putting my makeshift plan below (not that I always follow it, but at least I kinda have to stick to it since I made it). I excluded a month's worth of running since I already finished those to prepare for the Edsa Run this week.

All this is time-based since I don't have time to go to a track and measure the distances I run. I'll be crossing out/adjusting the workouts as I go along, depending on how I do, and my mood.
Got the races from

1Feb 21: RestTempo: 10-10-545 min easy 4min x 545 min easyRest5K Race: Edsa Run
2Feb 28: Rest ran 35 mins
Tempo: 15-10-10 Rest
55 min. general aerobic run5min x 545 min easyRestLong Run: 1 hr 45 min
3Mar 7: Rest XT
45 min 35 min. easyTempo: 15-15-10 became 10-10-10, reduced rest to 3 mins per set instead of 5mins
3min hills x 745 min easyRestLong Run: 2 hrs
4Mar 14: RestTempo: 15-15-1545 min easy6min x 430 min easy"5K Race? Try Athena Run: March 19, 2011, Sat
SM MOA Grounds (Register at Planet Sports, Trinoma)"
45 min easy
5Feb 28: RestTempo: 15-10-1045 min easy5min x 545 min easyRestLong Run: 2 hrs 10 min
6Mar 21: Rest2min x 1245 min easy40 min. Fartlek1 hr. easyRestTempo: 20-15-15
7Mar 28: Rest5 (hard)-5 (slower tempo)-10 (normal tempo)-5(slower)-5(hard)30 min easy4min x 530 min easyRest"10K Race: April 3, AACE'S The G.O.O.D Run
Bonifacio Global City (Register at Planet Sports, Trinoma)"
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