Thursday, March 17, 2011

eBook Released!

Hey, there, if you happen to drop by this humble blog, I'd like you to know that my book, which I seem to have been talking about for some time now, has finally been released. This is an all-new experience for me. I didn't know releasing one would be so rigorous in terms of editing and of course, cover art. Having it in e-format isn't any simpler I think.


But you know, having this released is just the beginning. I know the long haul is yet to come, promoting it and stuff. 

You might be interested in having a read of this eBook. I can give copies away, but there's a catch ;) I just need you to mention me and Exis in your blog, better yet, Tweet it around and share it in Facebook. That would be much much, mucho appreciated! 

I've another post coming up about the 13th Printemps des Poetes I attended last night. Stay tuned. :)
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