Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Runs: Love and Hate

I am always excited about my Sunday long runs. I love the thought of going outdoors, looking at the ancient acacia's at UP, running with other runners, watching the skaters and bikers practicing at the University Oval, the sun on my face, the rays filtering through the leaves....I can just go on and on about my little infatuation.

But I can also go on and on about why I hate it. The smog. The blisters. Throbbing feet and aching legs after the work out. Runner's high wears off just like any drug.

The onset of the soreness from last Sunday's run crept up on me Monday afternoon. Suddenly my feet felt stiff. Having to wear heels in the office only made it worse. Why has climbing stairs become such a chore? Given that this is the second time I'm going through a cycle of training that's meant to build up endurance for a half or full marathon, I don't understand why I'm still this badly affected by long runs. O_o

Maybe I'm not doing something right. Or I'm just too maarte. This morning during my recovery "easy" run, I was telling myself that: to just run through the fatigue. I'll get my runner's high, yeah, just run a bit farther...I waited, but ended up more tired.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a tempo run, but I'm still tired now. Maybe later I'll feel better.

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