Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Law of Motion, released by Damazine

It's the first poem I ever had the guts to submit to the market. Thank you, Damazine for accepting and publishing it.

If you, reader, happen to drop by here at my humble blog, please do check out my poem, "Law of Motion."

Getting your work out there and published has an odd feeling, like freedom. It feels as if the work is no longer mine, and I can just let go of it totally, complete with whatever feelings I had for it when it was still in writing. After freedom, though, comes challenge. What now? How do I move forward from this?

It's a process, I guess--one of growth. From here I must write of other things that may be of relevance to others in the future. Of course relevance is a subjective term. What I think matters may be completely well, the opposite. Anyhow, I'll keep doing this till I hit upon something, like say, a star.

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