Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"A Feast for Scavengers" to Appear in the Inaugural Issue of Songs of Eretz

There's a new zine in town! (or out of town). I found Songs of Eretz as a new listing on Ralan, and this is actually among the few publishers who pay for work. It would be lovely if more publishers gave at least free copies, so writers could see their work and feel that what we do is actually of worth.

I sent in my poem "A Feast for Scavengers," for which I got an acceptance from Dr. Steven Wittenberg Gordon, the editor.

I really appreciate his comments about the piece. Sometimes I don't know why a place likes my work. They accept, and then after jumping around in happy abandon, I get all philosophical. In my head these questions start running around: Why do you like it? Which part of the work do you like best? What did I do right?

So thanks, Dr. Gordon.

Let me post part of his email here:

Dear Anne Carly,

I like the moral lesson you offer as well as your mocking, irony-filled tone.  The imagery takes me to a bad visual place but in a good way...


Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

Will post more on this when the inaugural issue is released. :)
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