Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sexist or Just Aesthetics?

Sex sells. Sell sex. In comic/game conventions, boxing matches, MMA fights, trade expos, there are always the girls in their tight-fitting outfits, teetering on their high heels, smiling at men who can't help but look at the goods.

Wait what goods? The new game released by Blizzard or Square Enix? Or the hot chick pressing the product against their ample cleavage?

Some say it's just a matter of aesthetics. Huh? Are we going down the "it's art" route on this one, too?

In my last muay thai fight, the scantily-clad ring girls gave men free massages. Getting respect for being a female fighter is hard enough, you know. Now I have to prove I'm not just for showing off ass and looking cute.

(According to wikipedia: "In some female boxing matches, ring girls are replaced by ring men dressed in tuxedos." MORE OF THAT PLEASE?)

I've also attended a number of comic and game conventions in my life, and I was turned off by the boobfest scenes I've had to encounter while there. I can practically smell the men's testosterone and hard-ons, how they try to get a glimpse of a promodizer's panties or camel toe. I guess that's why I don't like attending these things anymore. Or maybe I just want an equal number of man chests and abs, which are never there.

I'm glad somebody wrote about this at last (Girls Got Game). Because honestly, I've been gaming since I was in my mother's womb (kidding), I mean, since the family computer came to the ph, and I never really thought gaming was a man's world UNTIL I WENT TO THESE BOOBFEST CONVENTIONS. EXCUSE ME. Most of my female friends are gamers, too, that's why I couldn't relate to all this talk about men being the only real gamers when most of those (men) I've met rely on walkthroughs to finish a game. Ewww, can't figure out the puzzles on your own?

Sex sells? Or booby women sell? I want equality! Give me man abs and chest!

Seriously, sell to women, too. We buy, too, you know.

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