Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Caskets to sleep in" to Appear in Dreams & Nightmares 96 (Sept. 2013)

I was sick again. Waddya know. Maybe I need a triple dose of vitamins. I've been on antibiotics twice already this year, this time for tonsillitis.

Over the weekend, I got cheered up by an acceptance letter for a speculative poem of mine, "Caskets to Sleep In." I am beginning to test the waters of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Slipstream poetry, and this is my third acceptance for poetry of this kind. I had a lot of fun writing those pieces. I believe I will write some more. I think specpoetry is interesting and beautiful, as I've always been enamored by the work of Poe but have been wondering why there aren't many who write poetry of this kind. Rio Alma happens to be one in the local scene, though he writes in Filipino.

The editor of Dreams & Nightmares magazine sent me his response to my submission promptly (within 3 days! Record breaker I must say). The editor, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, writes:

I would like to buy "Caskets to sleep in" for DN 96 (Sept. 2013). It is a wonderful poem. Can you accept payment by paypal (and to what address)?
Thank you,
Thanks, David and the DN team :)
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