Friday, May 31, 2013

Good News for the Price of a Wound

I've been so unlucky lately! It's hard not to read into things when you've consistently been waking up at 3 a.m., and something bad happens everyday!

It started with shoes. I wanted a new pair of boots, because I destroyed two pairs of sandals from walking so much. I need sturdier shoes, obviously. My bf and I went around Landmark looking for a good pair, and we found an excellent pair of army-style boots. Unfortunately, when they got my size, I discovered that the left shoe felt too tight. I examined the size, and indeed, it was a size smaller. MY SIZE DID NOT HAVE A PAIR. Who does that to a good pair of shoes?

The next day, I went to find the same brand of shoes in Landmark Makati. I found them. I asked the saleslady if I can just use my card to pay, because the line at the ATM is too long, plus the mall was closing soon. The saleslady said yes. When we arrived at the counter, all card transactions came OFFLINE.

Thanks. No shoes for me once again.

The next day, on my way to work, I couldn't find anything to ride. A jeep came by, and I thought I was in luck. But the damned driver revved up the engine as I was still climbing up the step. I ended up getting off balanced and skinning my shin. Bled profusely, and needed two types of Tetanus shots! My arms are still hurting from the vaccines.

Those are three bad events. I started to think maybe I'm paying for the good news I've been getting. I got another one, my poem "The Unsaid Apologies While on the Train" received an acceptance from Phillip Levine, the poetry editor of Chronogram Magazine. It will be published this June 2013.

I should probably visit an albularyo or someone who can exorcise me of this slew of calamities. Can't stand this anymore! :(
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