Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hotel (Hygiene) Secrets

So you're staying at this 5-star hotel, huh? I bet the first thing you do in a nice hotel is plop down on the nice, soft, comforter-draped bed. I know I do. And I know I won't do that again.

Found this thread on Reddit baring all the filthy secrets of hotel cleaning (if they even really clean the rooms and draperies).

Did you know:
  1. They don't really wash those glass cups in the bathroom? Especially if they look unused, the cleaners might wipe em a bit with a rag so they look clean, but you'd better wash yours before use.
  2. That there fluffy looking comforter is also fluffy with dried jizz and bed bugs? You might not see em but they're there all right. One commenter said: 
    "I cleaned hotel rooms for two weeks. During my training, I once found an obvious jizz crust on the coverlet. I told the woman I was working with that it needed to be cleaned and she responded "Just wipe it with a damp cloth until you can't see it any more" like it was no big deal. Because, you know, blankets are just like hard surfaces and can be fixed with a wet rag.

  3. The sofa and couch you're sitting/lying on has been sat on by hundreds of naked people? Yeah, better be on the lookout for brown stains, if you know what I mean.
Check out the entire Reddit thread here and get enlightened!:D
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