Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recap of My First Amateur Muay Thai Fight

I was recently invited to fight in the UKC (Ultimate Knockout Challenge), sponsored by Elorde Boxing Gym (I think). The event was held last Saturday, November 24, 2012. I had not planned to fight, really. I'd kinda given up on the idea because I became busy with work, plus I haven't been able to run as much because I also got lazy :P So my cardio has been poor.

But Kru Raul from Elorde Gym Don Antonio kept bugging me to sign up for the fight, so I finally decided to give it a try 4 weeks away from competition day (yeah, I'm a bit crazy. I know I need more time to prepare but what the heck).

So while I'm waiting for the video of the fight to be released, I'm recapping what I recall had happened that day:

I went to the venue scared out of my wits because I dunno what the eff I'd gotten myself into! I saw that my opponent had gained weight yet again. I'd been eating a lot the entire month because she was 5 lbs heavier 4 weeks ago. I didn't get to meet her during the weigh-in day before the fight. I found out on fight day that she'd gained another 2 lbs. I was 52Kg and she was 54Kg on fight day T_T

Anyway, my turn came. I went into the ring with my heart beating the crap out of me haha. But then, when I heard the bell, it's like there was a switch in my head. Time to fight. First round, I immediately set out giving her push kicks, as I was told to use my reach advantage by doing this. This certainly deterred her advance, and whenever I pushed her back, I'd follow with a quick, roundhouse to her ribs. My boyfriend said he counted about 8 push kicks (teeps) that went straight in. So I guess I managed about 4-5 roundhouse kicks by doing my combo. She caught 2 roundhouse kicks, which left her open, so I used several straight punches until she let go of my leg. When she caught one of my teeps, I kicked her some more until she had to let go of my foot. Otherwise all hits were clean, no checks or counter attacks from opponent.

My body vest and shin guards came off :( so they had to pause the fight to fix my gear. I had to keep fixing my goddamned head gear because it kept turning and blocking my eyes each time my opponent managed to straight punch me to the face.

When the fight continued, my opponent did a take down when I kicked and I fell on the canvas. I tried to exact vengeance by kicking her repeatedly. My jumping front kick pushed her into the ropes. Bell rung, end of round 1. My team mates said I was already ahead with my points. But I was feeling the effects of my lack of cardio T_T

2nd round, my opponent was charging at me with her haymaker. I kept her away with jabs or just keeping my left hand extended. She ate that glove several times but I don't think that counts as a point for me :P I did the push kick + roundhouse routine again to keep her away.

Middle of Round 2, I was breathing really hard, so I decided to lay off on the kicks. She advanced at me with continuous punches and pushed me back to the corner. This is where I kinda panicked because my headgear turned again and I couldn't see her. I was told I'd turned around and this caused the referee to do a count on me. This is apparently what you call a Standing Knockdown. I didn't know why the ref was counting so I asked him "Ano yan?" ("What's that?") and he said "Ay ok ka lang ba?" hahaha what comedy is this?

Anyway there wasn't much time left. I just tried to remedy the situation by clinching my opponent, almost managed to throw her down but she was pretty well grounded. The fight ended.

My opponent was announced winner by points. I'm going to ask one of my coaches how these points work because I honestly don't know. My goal was just to get clean kicks and punches in because I was told those are what matter. So far, I was told these are the reasons why I lost:
  • I was told I wasn't aggressive enough, that my opponent was the one advancing (though I didn't think this was "aggression" because she obviously had to advance because she couldn't reach me). 
  • And that I turned around at Round 2. Causing the ref to do a standing knockdown count.
I learned a lot in the fight. At least now I know what I should (more cardio) and shouldn't be doing (back-pedalling, turning around...).

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