Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Mondays 96th: Booze, Pizza, Tomatoes and Poetry

I was so excited to read my poem for the 96th installment of Happy Mondays! However, I have this thing with being bad at directions. I was so sure that Tomato Kick Katipunan is the same Tomato Kick in Maginhawa Street.

But hey, waddya know?! I was wrong har har har. And I even dragged my boyfriend along, making him the unlucky victim of my calamity-Carly episodes. I asked the staff of Tomato Kick to give me the telephone number of their Katipunan branch, and well, waddya know?! They gave me the wrong number!

Anyway, we made it, and I guess that's all that matters, right? Tonight, it's not eat, pray, love. It's eat poetry, love! (toinks!)

Despite my mistaking a stranger for my boyfriend, we had a great time! We just wished there were more speakers outside since we missed many of the good stuff being read.

Also got permission to post some of the photos for that night. Thanks, Sir Danny Castillones Sillada :)

I think this is the opening performance.

Angela Barrientos

Chen Sarigumba & Rachel Salud

Danny Castillones Sillada

Jacob Walse Dominguez

JP Hernandez

Lila Shahani

Mac McCarty

Marne Kilates

with Trish Shishikura

Sir Danny with Vince Dioquino

This is my fave pic of all! :D

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