Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Must Have an Addict Gene in Me

I used to stay up until 4AM when my brother's away. That's because the Playstation 2 is in his room and I binge on all the JRPGs I can play while he's not around. I tend to lock myself away playing, to the point that my face got sunburned by the TV rays... well, I was told that I looked suddenly darker after my gaming spree.

Anyway, with the muse nowhere in sight and my fingers not feeling like producing poetry and fiction, I've been like an addict experiencing withdrawal symptoms after playing Hearthstone all weekend on my mom's ipad mini. I don't live at home during weekdays so I don't have an ipad to come home to so I can keep playing after work. I broke down my gaming laptop last year and don't have the cash to blow on a new lappie just yet.

I'm a scavenger, using my boyfriend's desktop and mom's ipad to get me by the dry season of artistry. Holy shit I can't believe I'm looking at 2nd hand ipads and Nintendo DSs because they're more affordable than a new PC. No no no what's happening?? :P
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