Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Going to Japan on Friday

Half-packed my bags (not yet done). Made a checklist of things to bring. Reviewed my hiragana and katakana. Still know how to count and ask for a discount... Loaded with excitement!

I've always wanted to visit Japan, being an anime lover and fan of JRPGs.


Day 1, Friday

We're going ryokan style to really get a feel of the culture. So after checking in, we're heading right on over to Studio Ghibli. We've already asked our host to get tickets for us so there's no dilly dallying. Friday was the only day with tickets still available in the next 6 days!

Day 2, Saturday

Victor and I will be checking out Ueno Zoo. I want to see pandas! I keep watching panda YouTube videos and it's about time to see a real live one. Maybe we'll visit an onsen after our zoo escapade.

Day 3, Sunday

We've booked a bike tour that lasts for around 6 hours. Hopefully my cardio is good enough for this. The route: Nihonbashi, Ningyo-cho, Ryogoku, Asakusa, Ueno, Hongo, Kanda, Shinbashi. Check em out here.

Day 4, Monday

Of course, Akihabara is included in the itinerary, being that both Victor and I are geeks. Yodobashi Camera: The Leisure Hive is on the path. We're checking out some of the snazzy cafes, like the Gundam Cafe, too.

Day 5, Tuesday

If we still have money left, maybe Tokyo Disneyland. But We're probably gonna be broke by now, so we might be found wandering the streets like el cheapos.

Day 6, Wednesday

We're flying back home this day. So we'll enjoy Japan air while we wait for our flight. :P

I'll post the photos and experiences as they come.

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