Monday, April 28, 2014

The Cadaverine, Niteblade, great way to start the week!

I miss writing fiction. I have several stories still half-finished. I'm not happy about them yet and I know they need revising.

In the meantime, while I'm rekindling my fiction fire, I continue to write poems. Three of them have found homes! "Worry Not for Luxuries" and "Before the Bread is Gone" are set to appear on May 12, on the pages of The Cadaverine. The UK-based magazine is committed to publishing "the best new poetry, prose and non-fiction from under 30's." Here's the acceptance letter I received from the team:

Hi Anne,

Just to let you know that two of your pieces; Worry Not for Luxuries, and Before the Bread is Gone, are scheduled to be published on The Cadaverine website on the 12th May.

Thank you very much for sending these over. They were selected by our Poetry Editor Intern Sohinee Sen.

I hope this is okay! Any problems please let me know.

All the Best,

Another publication that I've long been eyeing, Niteblade, has also accepted a long poem of mine (2 pages, pretty rare of me to make one). It's entitled "The Bitter Gourd's Fate". I'll be sure to post more about it soon, as it is set to be published this coming June 2014. Thanks to the editor, Alexa Seidel for making the selection.

Dear Anne,

I would like to accept your poem for our upcoming June Issue of Niteblade, if it is still available.

The author agreement is attached. Please return it to me if everything is in order. Also, please confirm your Paypal address for me or indicate that you prefer we donate your payment to Save the Chimps, the charity we support.

Thanks again.

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