Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back from Bali! And Coming Soon: Apex and Silver Blade

While I was in Bali, I received some good news!!! I received acceptance letters from Apex Magazine and Silver Blade. I have been writing fewer poems lately, but I do believe they are of higher quality. My poem "The First Stone" will appear in Apex sometime this year, the editors haven't decided yet when. But "Vessels" will be up in Silver Blade sooner; the editor, Mr. John Mannone said he expects it to be out this May 2014.

Still giddy!


As for Bali, I really had the time of my life! I think Victor and I really didn't expect it to be that great. We've been to several beaches in the Philippines and thought it might just like be the ones we have here locally. I have this notion that no beach can be better than beaches in the Philippines, where the sand is fine, the waters calm and the reefs, teeming.

There was a ninja on the plane, named Victor

But Bali is different. It's a cultural mecca. The woodcarving industry is alive and radiant. I've never seen such varied designs and painstaking detail. The batik/textile industry is just as lively. I got myself some cute Aladdin pants and a long dress. Silver works are bustling as well and they've got designs of varying intricacies.

Some of the local wares


Tried a simple silver stud with floret detail, it was $30 a pair
Care for a silver chariot?

Oh, and I should also mention their spa industry. Left and right, you can get your feet cleaned by "Dr. Fish" for as little as $3. My Muay Thai-thickened feet are suddenly smooth again.

We visited the Monkey Forest at Ubud. The macaques were pretty aggressive. If they want your banana, they're gonna go ahead and snatch it from you.

I think he knows I have a banana in my pocket
They want bananas, too
Banana hand shake
Cool off at the Lotus Cafe, with a view of the temple
Feed coffee berries to the civet cats (luwak)
Kopi Luwak in different stages of processing
Got to try out different tea and coffee products, all organic
I tried the Kopi Luwak, which is just cat poop coffee in the plainest sense. And it tastes pretty good, like chocolate without the bitterness. I wouldn't buy a bag of beans for myself, however. Aside from being expensive, the thought of drinking poo is difficult to come to terms with.

I think I'm coming back to Bali, oh yes, I am. I need to explore the other areas and temples, which I'll probably need a week to do. I'm also gonna surf some more, because I discovered just how fun it is. I got to stand up on my first try, how cool is that?

Like a lady, yeah?! Victor's back there, watchoo lookin at? haha
Oh yeah, I'm coming back!
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