Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where I'm at, or Gonna be at this 2014

Feeling slang today. I know my slang ain't good, but I got lots to celebrate. It's a good date, first rate. And my rhymes are feelin' fine. Not sour like lime.

Yeah, I'm at Shot Glass #12, published by Musie-Pie Press. This fine place focuses on all thing short and sweet, in poetry yeah. Check em out, they be real cool yo! My haiku and two tanka be there.

Soon to be, Imma be appearin' like a badass yo momma joke. At The Yellow Medicine Review, guest-edited by Carter Meland. Here be what he has to say:

Hello Anne Carly Abad!

I'm pleased to say that I really like the three poems you submitted to Yellow Medicine Review--The Choosing of the Babaylan, The Badjao Sisters' Wager, and The Babaylan Sleep--and will, with your permission, go ahead and publish them as part of the Spring 2014 issue. Congratulations! They are sharp little pieces and I found "The Babaylan Sleep" especially resonant. Great stuff!

Carter Meland
Such beastly news! Thanks so much to the team, you can see how happy I am.:)
Just a bit of a conflict on the piece: "The Badjao Sisters' Wager," coz it's already reserved for The Southeast Review. But no more issue there, it's nice and fixed and ironed out.
About SER, where I'll also be this Fall 2014:

The Southeast Review, established in 1979 as Sundog, is a national literary magazine housed in the English department at Florida State University and is edited and managed by its graduate students and a faculty consulting editor. The mission of The Southeast Review is to present emerging writers on the same stage as well-established ones. In each semi-annual issue, we publish literary fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews and art. With nearly sixty members on our editorial staff who come from throughout the country and the world, we strive to publish work that is representative of our diverse interests and aesthetics, and we celebrate the eclectic mix this produces.
Great stuff, yeah? And great sites, too. Come on, run along now and visit em, so I can bow from my shady rhymes.
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