Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Cool Things

I realized I'm doing things without really thinking about a goal. Really, I'm just doing this eat, sleep, write, run thing. While a "now" mentality is useful for stress-reduction (and is very Zen), seems like I'm going nowhere. From now on, I'll set my mind on these things: my own property in the next five years and three books published in print (and maybe a big writing award).

And maybe I'm closer to that award than I think. I happened to earn a "Special Recognition" prize in the Fujisan Haiku Competition 2013. Here's my winning piece:

peeling oranges
what little is left of snow
on a sunlit peak

I've also received some more pleasant news in the area of publishing. My poem "I'll Take the Farthest Room" will appear in the 7th issue of the Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, a little irreverent place for irreverent writes. Thanks so much to Robin Wyatt Dunn, the cool editor of this joint.

Dear Anne,

I'll take "Farthest Room" for LAROLA 7, and feel free to send along a
few more poems if you wish.

Robin Wyatt Dunn
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