Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of Sluts, Saints and Sinners

Ah yes, something worthy of a blog post. Being called "bastusin." Bastusin, if translated, roughly means slutty. Slutty because I happen to be a woman. Filipino men use the word to describe women who are a bit on the low side. To be on the low side means to deserve a lesser bit of respect.

Yes, to be bastusin means to deserve disrespect.

And it amuses me. One, because I don't care. I wonder why, when I don't ask for advice or opinions,  I get a lot of them (for some reason)? Do these people hope I will change for them? Ah, but I love myself too much to care if people think I am a saint or a slut. I also respect myself too much to watch how I speak, act, or write, just to prevent an image meltdown. Image is illusion. Image is imagination. It means nothing. It doesn't affect my writing. Doesn't affect my Muay Thai skills, nor my speed in running.

Second, to think some types of people deserve disrespect is a big problem--on the part of the person who holds such a view. To think that certain people are not worthy of respect is a sorry state indeed. But it isn't my problem. I have no business convincing people to see me a certain way. I also don't need to explain why there's a problem here somewhere.

Perhaps this is why I somewhat like Miley Cyrus. I've never seen her in her Hanna Montana state. I only noticed her when she became the "trash" that people call her to be. I like her trash. It's quite a treasure.

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