Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Wish I had Better Eyesight

A doctor once came to my high school. He was an ophthalmologist, and he talked about how we can better take care of our eyes. According to him, once you reach the age of 15, any damage done is permanent. Which was weird since I was 18 then. I had astigmatism and near-sighted vision until I was 15 years of age, and then suddenly, my vision became 20/20 again when my doctor checked.

I didn't wear glasses for the next 5 years. The 20/20 vision didn't stay long. For some reason, my eyesight became poor again. I can't read signages that are more than 3 meters away. My myopic vision returned and I had to wear glasses again.

I hate wearing glasses. They're so uncomfortable. I can't wear contacts because I already had an eyelid operation and it made my eyes far too sensitive to any foreign object. These days, I've been keeping my glasses off my face, and I noticed something. When I wear my glasses for a few hours, my eyesight gets really blurry once I take them off. When I keep my glasses off, my eyes are able to adjust better. It's like the glasses make my eyes "lazy". Maybe I'll just not wear them after all...
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