Sunday, January 5, 2014

EPIKO Work Update

I've encountered several plot holes in this story, which I managed to fix in my two-week hermit writing session. These kinds of inconsistencies are impossible to spot in the outline of a work, and won't even be obvious in the synopsis. I discovered them while doing the writing itself. I had that what-the moment, you know, when you realize that the events you planned just don't make sense and could have easily been solved if the characters weren't so myopic.

I'm thinking of several title changes. Like--
Epiko: The Realm of Trickery
Epiko: The Bronze Seer
Epiko: The Goat's Horns

I dunno. I'm not inspired yet. Still, I'm at the editing stage. WIP's at 45,000 words. It's a short novel or maybe a novella. Really depends on which publisher is looking at it.

And it's back to my day job for me! Gonna have a lot to juggle.
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