Saturday, January 25, 2014

2nd Prize in Tanka, Lynx and Poetry Quarterly

I didn't know I placed second in a contest I joined in 2013. And here I was, saying I can't seem to break the 3rd place rut. I just found out about this while reviewing my submissions after a bit of chaos during the holidays. I'm getting my writing life together, while juggling taking care of my health and my grandmother, who has suffered some broken bone/s due to a fall.

Here's my 2nd Place certi from Diogen, for my summer tanka:

Also, also, also

I have been recently published in the Fall 2013 issue of Poetry Quarterly, an award-winning journal edited by Glenn Lyvers. My poem "Assumption" is in there, and you can get the paperback copy over here.

What/where else? Yes, Lynx, edited by Jane Reichhold. I have several haiku there in their January 2014 ish. Read em here. :)
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