Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Published and Available for Reading

I've forgotten to post about these! These titles were accepted a few months ago and some are now actually published and available in print and/or online:



  • "Piso" in Poetry Cornwall Issue 37:


A child opens his hands
to receive my coin

A child opens his hands
now empty
A child opens his hands
now still

A child opens his hands
still and empty.

In my hand
a cold coin shines a dull sheen.

  • "Summer" in Paper Wasp Winter 2013


a breeze sways
the chipped garden swing—
our prayers
to the three Saints
we dance the pandanggo
sudden rain

kaimito season
the first fruit falls
from our tree

kapok in full bloom
our unborn child

just a pile of coins
in the well

closing the blinds…
a streak
of dry tears

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