Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Haze" earned an honorable mention in On The Premises' 20th short story contest

This is a good year indeed. I'm starting to try out joining writing contests (mostly the ones with no fees since I don't have money hehe). While looking for places to submit, I discovered that On The Premises Magazine holds quarterly short story contests. The magazine was accepting submissions for their Contest #20 at the time I submitted. After waiting a few months, I got an email telling me that out of 295 entries, my story, "Haze" had been shortlisted.

To me that was good enough. I mean, I've never won a writing award in my life. I'm just happy doing what I do.

And then a few weeks later, the organizers contacted me, telling me that "Haze" made an Honorable Mention! What's great about this is that there's a cash prize, so it literally pays off my hard work.

"Haze" will be out in a few weeks, will post about it soon. We're currently in the process of making a few edits so the piece will be in tip-top shape.

The premise for Contest #20:


One or more characters must examine the inner workings of something important to the story. The “something” can be a physical object, a person’s mindset, a relationship, an idea... anything so long as the concept of “inner workings” can be applied to it literally or metaphorically.
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