Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Offered a Puppy... A Puppy!!!

I really really want a pet. When I get my own house, I'm gonna have lots of cute cats and dogs. Maybe a beagle, a toy poodle, a Husky, a Golden Retriever, and a Himalayan Shorthair, and a Persian cat. Oh, and a Scottish Fold, too.

I actually had the chance to get a puppy. You see, while selling my old phone at Tipidcp, I got these weird swap offers, like that one for a stereo set, or a Shimano Mountain Bike, and of course, the puppy (which I, of course, declined).

Before you call me a crazy cat & dog lady, look at this cutie. He/she just loves her brush. Watching videos like these destresses me and makes me more productive. Just imagine if I had cuties like these live. :3

And just to plug this in, I happen to have another haiku out in the Asahi Haikuist Network. Coolio.
Here it goes.

the trees
in unbroken stillness

Read the full issue here.
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