Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Checklist! How to be hot!

Ah, I've found a trending article on Facebook, clicked it and went to Yahoo for this article entitled "What Makes a Girl Hot?" There, it teaches women the qualities they need in order to be considered hot by our neighborhood loveable Pinoy guys.

Hot Factor 1 - EYES
Windows to your soul, girl! They gotta sparkle when you smile, oh, and bite your lower lip while you're at it, too!
Hot Factor 2 - "GODDESS" BODY
What, you thought number 2 was gonna be something about personality? Get on your treadmill, girl. Coz Pinoy guys are lookin' for a goddess-in-the-flesh (and that's not you?) har har har!!
Hot Factor 3 - BODY Part II
Did I mention you gotta have a tight ass and big boobs? Oh, I didn't? Well now I did.
Hot Factor 4 - SENSE OF HUMOR
Aside from having anime-eyes and a goddess bod, you need to make your guy laugh, girl. All that cuteness won't do you any good if you can't get a giggle outta him.
Hot Factor 5 - SMARTS
Yup, you should've seen that coming (cumming?), coz how can you be funny if you've got zero wit in that noggin' of yours? Go get that college education!!!
What? You don't cook? Get started with frying hotdogs before you loose a point on the hotness scale!!!
Hot Factor 7 - CONFIDENCE
Yeah. No one wants to bother with having to assure a girl that she's beautiful.
I thought we were done with eyes? Oh well, if you're all ready chinky-eyed, you're good to go. Just don't flaunt your diamonds and Breguet watch too much or you'll exude the "high-maintenance" factor which is SUCH a turn-off.
Hot Factor 9 - LONG HAIR
Get hair extensions. Right now, if you don't want to be considered one of his guy buddies.
 Hot Factor 10 - A DAMSEL
Be smart. Be beautiful. Be drop-dead sexy. Just don't steal the show from him. Let him be a knight in shining armor. And that's straight from the horse's mouth!
 Hot Factor 11 - UNIMPREGNABLE
Actually, I think they forgot this one. It wasn't anywhere in the article. But girls, make sure you can't get pregnant. Because that is the biggest let down ever.
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